Experiments with new art supplies and life is good!

"I have learned that there is a place for everyone to make whatever it is they want to make. What matters is that you enjoy the process of making. There is pure joy in that. " Danielle Krysa.

mixed media on canvas with gelli print in background

"Autumn Fire"

The mixed media painting above is based on a lesson by Lucy Brydon, an amazing artist from Scotland who expertly uses a gelatin plate to make layered monoprints. Visit her website here.  https://lucybrydonart.wordpress.com

I have only begun exploring the uses of the gelli plate.   A Gelli plate is a reusable, easy to clean, printing plate. It feels like a sheet of thick but somewhat flexible gelatin, hence the name.

In "Autumn Fire", I created the background using the gelli plate and then I softened the look by scrubbing white paint over the background and then removing it with baby wipes.

Below are a few of the prints I made before starting the background for the painting.

gelli printed leaves to use as background


gelli plate

The Gelli plate is placed on a piece of glass to keep it from slipping while I am working with it.  I found pressed leaves from last fall and they were my first experiments with printing .

Gelli plate with leaves used for printing

I wanted to try something quick and simple and I remembered that I had about a dozen leaves in my press just waiting to be used.

Gelli plate with printed papers - first attempt

Well, my first attempt was rather disappointing and I think it was also my first opportunity to learn something about printing.

The leaves were too large for the canvas I intended to use.  But nothing is wasted in art and I know I can find a way to shred these printed papers and collage them into a background.  

Here are a few more examples using the pressed leaves from last fall as well as a stencil of swirls which I rather like.

Gelli plate with printed papers - positive and negative prints


More experiments on the way.  Pure joy!


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