About Me

I live in Ottawa, Canada, with my supportive husband and two guard dogs, or at least that’s what they think they are: Sophie my little neurotic Maltese, and Chico, just as his name might suggest, a very laid back Havanese. You will meet them in some of my posts.

Art is a passion that I discovered anew upon retirement.  Blogging about my creative inspiration, my artistic trial and errors, and the steps in bringing my art to completion just seems a like a natural activity in this age of introspection and of social media sharing.

My blog posts show that I enjoy experimenting and that I don’t really have one particular style. I just allow myself to paint with whatever medium strikes my fancy on any given day.  Sometimes I pull out my journal and watercolours while other days, I might be painting on old wood boards with acrylics with a bit of collage.  I am always wondering ‘what if’ and this leads me to new discoveries.

With more than one project on the go at any given time, I am never bored.  If I am not working in my art room, I might be reading about the business of art, or I might be blogging about art, but my life lately does revolve around that particular passion.

Please join me in my creative journey.  I don’t believe that we are ever really done with learning…another teaching mantra of mine.  Isn’t that the beauty of living a purposeful, fulfilling life?  Making new discoveries and growing and being a better person each day.

Welcome to ARTiculations where I write and share all the stories related to my art whether it is inspired from the flowers in a vase on my kitchen counter, or from a walk by the river, or from trips around the world. I am a dabbler and consider myself an artist in the making, still looking for my own niche, my own style.