Nature’s grand finale

watercolor leaves

"Fall has always been my favourite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale." - Lauren DeStefano, American young-adult author.

Without a doubt, October is the grand finale of autumn. With the last days of gusty winds and rain, only a few recalcitrant leaves are left, desperately clinging to their branches.

The steely grey skies of November are harbingers of frigid weather coming from the Arctic. There is something ominous about stark, somber November until the first lazy fat snowflakes blanket the frozen earth. It is a harsh contrast to the cheery warmth of October.

In this part of the world, November is a time to get boots, mittens, hats, and winter coats pulled out of storage. Drinks by the pool have been replaced with gatherings by the fire, indoor that is.

As a kind of grand finale of my own, in the last week of October I made another series of fall cards as a gift for an aunt I was about to visit. There is still some material to collect outdoors as inspiration for art. Although the leaves are a bit dried out, their coppery colours are quite attractive.

watercolour leaf over poem

In an old book of poetry I found some verses about fall and I painted a leaf on the poem and then glued it to the card. This worked better than I expected with very little, if any, buckling.

Now I feel like Christmas is just hovering on the horizon and I must be more efficient with my time. I have several projects on the go in my craft room which looks like a disaster zone.

But it's not the only room where everything is topsy turvy. When disaster strikes in our home, it hits more than one area!

Hubby and I have emptied one bedroom to give it a fresh coat of paint and install crown moulding. Since the crown moulding is on back order at the builder's store, the powder room on the main floor is going to be emptied and painted and decorated with new colours and wall fixtures while we wait for our order to arrive. See what I mean?

Even though October was fall's grand finale, there are other finales up ahead, and one is having my house all tidy for the Christmas season. So it looks like November will be a busy month, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

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