Summer roses on reclaimed wood

Summer roses on reclaimed wood

Summer roses are in their glory at this time of year.  No need for store bought bouquets of imported flowers.  Our gardens readily supply us with fresh cuttings of delicately scented summer flowers.

"A token of my unyielding love/ So that when winter's mettle steals the earth/ And all around seems dead and cold/ This rose reminds you of a time when all was warm and living."  Judas Priest.

"Summer roses"  on reclaimed wood

"Summer roses".  Acrylic on 5 x 25 " reclaimed wood (deck board) with jute handle.

The clusters of pink blossoms on my Grootendorst rose continue to grace my flower beds well into the fall. My mother had recommended this specimen some years ago when she found out I had lost most of my tea roses.  

The roses I painted on the reclaimed wood are not the Grootendorst variety but the larger more sprawling rugosa rose that one sees sometimes growing wild.

No matter the type of rose, this flower evokes romance and so they are "a token of unyielding love".

Flowers, in general,  are always appreciated in almost all countries except Egypt, but there are some rules to keep in mind:

  • Flowers should be given in odd numbers in Russia but avoid giving 13 flowers as this number is an unlucky number.
  • The Japanese are especially sensitive and knowledgeable about the meaning of flowers. One has to be very much aware of the language of flowers in this country before presenting a bouquet to a hostess or a lover. In most Asian countries, the colour red represents luck so I suppose giving a bouquet of red roses might be a safe bet.
  • Never give a potted plant in Asia. The message you are sending is that of being restrained or constricted.  
  • Roses might not always be the best choice of flower for gift giving. For example, red roses in Latvia are funeral flowers.

Of course, in North America, I am not so sure that we pay THAT much attention anymore to the language of flowers.

Who wouldn't want to receive a fresh, colourful bouquet during the long bleak months of winter? Would we really care what flowers or colours are included in the bouquet?

If I were to assemble the perfect bouquet of flowers it would include masses of gardenia (white) for purity, love and refinement, jasmine (white) for love and romance, sprigs of lilac for spring, lavender for serenity and grace, frangipani (pink) for strength, and peony (pink) for beauty in everything.

Imagine the heady scents wafting from this bouquet!

Notice that summer roses or any other roses are not on this list. Roses are very overrated I think.

What flowers would be in your ideal bouquet?  Check this site for flowers and their meaning.

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