TBT – Sangria Olé! an illustrated recipe

Illustrated sangria recipe

This past weekend we met with friends, who are joining us on our next trip to Spain. I invited another friend who has just returned from a six-week stay in Torremolinos, on the Costa del Sol, our destination. What better time to make a big pitcher of sangria served with tapenade.

Tapenade is made with black olives, capers, anchovy paste, garlic buds, and olive oil which are pulsed in the food processor until it is somewhat like a lumpy paste. Purists prefer mashing it by hand but as long as the food processor is pulsed, it is easy to control the texture to avoid a purée.

Spread on rounds of French baguette which should have lessened the salty taste, (it doesn't) sangria is very much needed to wash it down, but if you don't have time to make the sangria (it should be made in advance), tapenade can certainly be served with beer or wine.

I made the above sangria recipe and I am sharing it here as I already posted the Sketchbook illustration on Instagram on August 16 of last year. Thank you Joanne for sharing it!

Sangria is not difficult to make and there are many possible variations on a theme.

As usual, I did not follow this recipe to the letter. I substituted rum for cognac. No one wants to use expensive cognac in a fruity mixed drink. I changed the fruits a little by deleting the grapefruit but adding sliced grapes, as well as lemon and lime slices.

This is a wonderful change from those store-bought sweet coolers that are served during summer.


sangria pitcher

How to enjoy summer fruits….the secret is in the sangria!

"If life hands you lemons, put them in your sangria!" ~ author unknown.

For those of you who have been given lemons lately, well, they could be added to this recipe for a bit more tang.

And if you feel a bit of sour grapes coming on, they too are delicious in sangria! (Couldn't help myself!)

Seriously though, if you wanted to keep your sangria really cold, try freezing slices of lemon on a cookie sheet and then bag them. You will have tasty frozen lemon slices for your water... or sangria. I also freeze grapes from time to time and pop them into drinks.

My sister asked me for the sangria recipe which is the only one that I have ever made. I would say the secret of its delicious taste is in the fruit one chooses to include, but then you could call me a liar.

sangria recipe illustrated

We both know that it is the wine and the cognac that really make this drink so enjoyable.

Special thanks to Joanne, my long time friend, for this recipe that has never failed to please my guests. Over many decades, she has helped me rescue litres (or gallons) of wine trapped in bottles... (I won't divulge how many decades or bottles! We stopped counting a long time ago.)

What is your favourite summer drink? I had so much fun painting this one that I might just paint yours and add it to my sketchbook.

Cheers everyone!