Morocco on my mind

This was one of my first posts as a blogger/artist. In this post, I have a mix of travel photos as well as sketches. Published in June 2015, it is an account of a week long trip to northern parts … Read More

Kadari by Ana de Gortari
Fascinated by colour and form

Featuring guest artist, Ana de Gortari. This week, I feature a new guest on my blog. Just as I love to promote the work of other artists on my Facebook artist page, I would also like to do the same … Read More

vintage portrait of Victorian woman
Pining for love on Valentine’s Day.

Pining for love is passé…or is it? Pining means to be languishing for an unattainable or lost love. The word pining, describes young Violet. She is in a love fog, the kind that seeps into the brain and clouds any … Read More

charcoal vintage portrait of Italian immigrant
Apprehensive Amalia

Apprehensive Amalia at 33 years old.   This week’s vintage sketch is based on a small, blurry passport photo (see below) taken in January 1934, a few weeks before she sailed from Genoa to North America. During the seven years … Read More

Singer Sewing Machine
Nonna’s Singer Sewing Machine

This Singer sewing machine is another treasured possession of mine. I remember all the beautiful clothes my Italian grandmother made for me with it. First published in June 2015, this post was written at the very beginning of my journey … Read More

My version of Pallas by Botticelli
Studying Botticelli: a Renaissance Master

Studying Botticelli: Florentine artist   Renaissance Master Alessandro Botticelli is regarded as the best Florentine school artist of his time (1445-1510). An intelligent boy, Botticelli had a quick wit and was bored at school. As a result, he did not … Read More

vintage car in watercolour
Why Cuba’s old cars remain classy if not classic

Cuba’s cars are still classy. Final post in a three-part series. This post was previously published in 2016. I had fun researching popular songs from the fifties that tell of a North American  obsession with cars. Other posts about Havana … Read More

Monday Morning Blues
Do you have the Monday morning blues?

Do you have the Monday morning blues? Just say to yourself…it could be worse! Monday mornings are always tough especially when there are still two more months of winter left. This young man is in a melancholy mood. He knows … Read More

Cuba Car Digital Photography
Cuba: a land stuck in a time warp…for now.

“Cuba is like going to a whole other planet.” —Henry Louis Gates, American historian, film maker, Harvard University professor. Part 2 in a three part series. With people heading south to escape our Canadian winter, I am reminded of a … Read More

Sally Burke's eagle
A Trilogy of Birds

Featuring guest artist, Sally Burke This week, I have a new feature on my blog. Just as I love to promote the work of other artists on my Facebook artist page, I would also like to do the same on … Read More

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