Watercolour and ink painting of three sisters by Louise Primeau, Artist
Sisters always have each other’s backs

Sisters: don’t mess with them! Sisters always stand by each other. They are sharp-witted and far more wordy than boys. In any battle of words, girls will come out ahead. “No one could have called Mr. Standen quick-witted, but the … Read More

pet portrait on paper is practical
Why acrylic painting on paper makes sense

Painting on paper makes practical sense. Several years ago, when I first started painting with acrylics, I learned something that was to open up a whole new world for me: I found out that it is possible to use acrylics … Read More

roses in profusion
Rose profusion – abandoned beauties

Rose profusion and the world smelled sweet.   It was June, and the world smelled of roses. The sunshine was like powdered gold over the grassy hillside. ~ Maud Hart Lovelace, Betsy-Tacy and Tib. Rose Profusion, acrylic on 5 x … Read More

Princess Irene Tulip
Featured photographer: Kris Kennedy

Photographer Kris Kennedy shares her story. Photography became an unexpected hobby back in 2005 when a friend introduced me to it as we hiked in Algonquin Park. At the time, I had a Canon point and shoot camera which took … Read More

It’s a question of style

It’s a question of style…finding my own way in art (This is one of my very first posts from July 2015. Since then, I have abandoned the whole idea of style. I experiment too much to ever have a style … Read More

Guest artist, Jill Kuhn, at Louise's ARTiculations
Featured artist: Jill Kuhn

Creating Art with Joy As a self-taught artist, I have experimented in a variety of art mediums from Acrylic painting to Zen doodles! I enjoyed drawing as a child and hoped to go to art school as an adult. However, … Read More

Pastel pet portrait by Louise's ARTiculations
A pastel pet portrait and more experiments…

Lola, a first pastel pet portrait.   Thank you to an Instagram follower who proposed Lola as a name for this cat. A special thank you to my followers for your excellent suggestions. Although I have painted with soft pastels … Read More

Maltese and Yorkie enjoying sunshine
A brief patch of sunshine.

A brief patch of sunshine on a long weekend. Sophie, a Maltese, and Coco, a Yorkie, have found the prime spot in the house. They are enjoying the sunshine while it lasts. I photographed these girls on Friday. Since then, … Read More

charcoal study of young girl from slums
A study in values

The value of studying grayscale. This post from 2017 elicited a response from Kurt Chambers whose quotation appears below.  His comment is published immediately after the post. “The innocence of children is what makes them stand out as a shining … Read More

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