"Leaves", glass mosaic by Bebe Keith, guest artist at Louise's ARTiculations
Featured artist: Bebe Keith

  Bebe Keith: a lifelong interest in art I was always interested in art. As a kid I drew a lot and I remember winning a couple community awards. However, I didn’t consider art as a career. I didn’t really … Read More

Sydney and Tigger, colourful memorial pet portraits
Tigger and Sydney in colourful cat portraits.

Colourful memorial cat portraits of Tigger and Sydney. Tigger and Sydney were painted on wood slices for the client who wanted to gift them to her parents at Christmas. She requested portraits for herself in 2020.   Tigger and Sydney’s owner … Read More

Etched roses by Louise's ARTiculations
Funky February Florals.

Funky florals to celebrate February 14. Why Funky Florals in February? Why not I say? Isn’t colour exactly what is needed when winter won’t give way to spring for a few months more? No better fun than to just let … Read More

Seeing Inward by Suzanne Munroe
Featured artist: Suzanne Munroe.

Suzanne Munroe: creative all my life I have always been involved in creating some sort of art, but only in the past 4 years have I really challenged and pushed myself towards earning the title of ARTIST. With no formal … Read More

Hunter, German Shepherd memorial portrait by Louise Primeau
Receiving feedback is important…

Receiving feedback is important for artists… Whether you comment on art work on a Wordpress website, or on Facebook, or even other social media sites, opinions are a kind of barometer for the artist. Although I usually have enough confidence … Read More

pink roses by Louise's ARTiculations
Gratitude Journal Entry 4/52

Gratitude Journal Entry –  prompt for Valentine’s Day. It’s February and Valentine’s Day isn’t far away. In 2016, when I participated in the Gratitude Journal project, I had fun with this simple illustration. Visit  Jennifer Frith’s year-long gratitude project to … Read More

Snickers Christmas - painted ornament by Louise Primeau
Snickers the Cat

Oh Louise, I just LOVE it!! You did such a wonderful job. It’s already hanging at the very front of our tree. You are truly talented! With your permission, I will put your cards at my work (I work in … Read More

Not my circus not my monkey
Featured artist: Pamela Vosseller

Pamela Vosseller, mixed media artist. Pamela Vosseller’s art journey began over 25 years ago. She is internationally known as a watercolorist with her art background starting in graphite and pastels. During the last 10 years, she discovered that once you … Read More

Starbuck custom pet portrait ornament

Wow this is amazing! You are so talented. S.C., Client

Blue Footed Booby
The Blue Footed Booby of Galapagos Island

All you ever wanted to know about the Blue Footed Booby of Galapagos (not really)!   Let me introduce you to a very different bird…the Blue-Footed Booby of the Galapagos Island. Were it not for my sister’s recent visit to … Read More

Hunter, German Shepherd memorial portrait by Louise Primeau
Memories of Hunter

I was gifted Louise’s portrait of my boy, Hunter. Her painting brought me to tears but it flooded me with so many great memories of him. Looking at her portrait was almost like looking in his eyes again – it’s … Read More

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