“In the garden of memory, in the palace of dreams…that is where you and I shall meet.” ~ Alice Through the Looking Glass.

A Child of the Palace of Dreams Folded Note Card

“A child of the palace of dreams”.  11 x 15 mixed media on watercolour paper including, watercolour, acrylics, Inktense pencils, Neocolor II.

In her garden of memory, the fragrant roses are already in full bloom. She closes her eyes and remembers the sweetness of the old-fashioned flowers on the table during the heat of the summer, their velvety pink petals falling, one by one, onto the embroidered white cotton tablecloth.

Dainty bone china teacups remain on the table.   Not far from the vase of roses sits the large crystal plate with one last piece of refreshing grasshopper pie made just for this occasion.  The ladies enjoyed the minty slices while sipping their hot tea.

The small room is now silent. One guest has forgotten her white gloves on a chair.  Lingering fragrances of lily of the valley and jasmine remain in the room, complementing the ambrosial scent of roses on the table. The hostess sits near the open window in her best Sunday dress, quietly fanning herself with the latest copy of Women’s Day.

In her garden of memory, the child she was, sees and remembers that afternoon long ago.

This art work collected dust for many months, but I can finally set it aside with a feeling of satisfaction to finish the second painting in a similar style.

I was inspired by the artist, Katrina Koltes.  Katrina gave an online workshop on her techniques which got me started with this painting, but then I became stuck as the results I had achieved were not like the ones she had demonstrated.  Sometimes, the best action is inaction, or at the very least, to wait for my confidence to return.

Katrina’s creations are colourful yet soft, detailed, and full of emotion.  I have so much to learn to create a story as she does with her gorgeous art. Or maybe the words are needed anyway?  You can let me know.  In the meantime, you can find Katrina on youtube or visit her website here:  http://www.katrinakoltes.com


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