Four fanciful flamingos.

Did you know that:

Other names for a group of flamingos include flamboyance, colony, stand, flurry, skein, regiment.

The deepest pink flamingos in the world are found in the Caribbean, the Galapagos, and the north coast of South America.

Flamingos often migrate to habitats that other species reject because of high salt concentration.

They are very sociable birds but they congregate in large numbers mostly to protect their young.

Flamingoes in two different styles.

In this first flamingo, I use a similar palette as the pet portraits I painted recently including Frankie, the Pug, Suri, Black Lab Zip, … It is possible to mix many different colours with fewer than 8 Golden acrylics heavy body and fluid paints. I am amazed at all the possible variations of colour from very few tubes of paint. If only I had known this long ago, before I bought the 60 or so tubes and bottles of artist quality paint.

Preening flamingo by Louise Primeau.
Preening Flamingo. Reference photo by Edrick Krozendijk at unsplash.

The second series of flamingoes is based on a lesson at Insiders Studio. I embellished three very flamboyant flamingos with stencils, bronze and gold paint, glitter paint, heavy body acrylics to create texture and whatever else I had at hand. These three were just so much fun!

What new experiments are you working on? Have you made any interesting and/or useful discoveries along the way? Please share with my readers below or by contacting me.

“You are your only limit.” – Anonymous

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