This week, Astrid, from Norway, tells us about her interest in watercolour and ink illustrations.

Astrid's soft palette and her precise details drew my attention to her Instagram gallery. Astrid's goals for the future include a book and a calendar.

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As long as I can remember, I have had an interest in art.


Hello from my small, sleepy town in Norway. My name is Astrid and for the longest time, my favourite thing in the whole world has been to paint, draw, and illustrate.


Astrid's art


When I was younger I studied art and graphic design for several years. After my studies I decided to take a break from art and become a teacher. But my love for drawing and illustration never went away; it was just resting for a bit.

Learning to be creative again

I am now trying to teach myself to draw, paint, and be creative again, after a seven-year break. I post my work and progress on Instagram @asjdraw to keep myself accountable and not quit. Please check it out. Any feedback is very welcome.


The challenges of watercolour

Lately I have been working with ink and watercolour. I love watercolour and all the challenges the medium brings.

Astrid's art

The balancing act between too wet and too dry, too much control and too little, between warm and cool colors, fascinates me. My favourite subjects to draw at the moment are the elderly, interiors, children, animals, and anything weird, cute, blue, or pink.


Astrid's art

Astrid's art

I am currently working on a children’s book together with a friend. I am also making a monthly calendar for 2019. So stay tuned.

Astrid's art



If you have any feedback, inquiries or would like to buy some of my work, feel free to reach out on Instagram or write me at

Astrid's art


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