Roxy is a unique pet portrait gift at Christmas.

What do you do when you are invited to a couple’s home at Christmas, and you have on several occasions, brought wine, or chocolate, or flowers? You think outside the proverbial box, and that’s exactly what this client did! He has a unique pet portrait gift of their fur baby Roxy, painted on a small 5 x 5 canvas, to offer when he is a guest for Christmas dinner.

The canvas can be displayed on a small easel (included) during the year, but it can be moved to the family’s Christmas tree during the festive season.

Roxy is the last commission that I am able to show before Christmas. Other pet portraits will be published later.

A pet portrait – unique Christmas gift.

To view recent pet portraits for Christmas gift giving, visit Benji, Riley, KitKat. Benji and Riley were painted on larger 10 x 10 canvases while KitKat, a very quirky choir cat, is painted on a wood slice.

Many people choose smaller portraits at Christmas with an ornament being the most popular item for gift giving. However, even during the year, a wood slice or small canvas portrait is an affordable, and very appreciated gift.

There are many possibilities when it comes to painting a much loved fur companion.

My portfolio also includes some pets memorialised on wood slices or on canvas. As examples, see Daisy 1 and Daisy 2, Mildred, Knight.

I also paint on recycled cedar and on glass and plastic.

If you have any questions, please contact me here. All information regarding pet portraits is on my website including prices (subject to change in 2023), my portfolio, and client feedback.

Last original post before Christmas.

The next posts will most probably be posts previously published. Time is precious in this last week before the BIG DAY. This post, as an example, has taken 2 hours so far to write, including editing, adding hyperlinks, checking SEO strategies, cropping and resizing photos, etc. 


I love blogging and I know that my posts are read by more than a few people who never leave written comments!  That’s ok. I know that you are there because you tell me personally or message me. ?

Thank you everyone for reading my posts and leaving comments below or on Facebook and on Instagram.

Your presence in my creative life is very much appreciated even though I sometimes don’t have the time to reply to all comments.

Wishing my family and all my friends around the world, all the best during this festive season. Whatever holiday you celebrate, may you be surrounded by love and happiness!

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  • It’s been nice ‘chatting’ to you through the year Louise. I hope your Christmas is a good one. As weird as it might sound, it is getting hot here in Auckland, although thunderstorms are forecast again later. Regards Vivienne

    • Hi Vivienne,

      So nice keeping in touch via our respective blogs. I do appreciate your presence in my creative life!

      We are expecting another wallop of a winter storm with snow, strong winds, followed by freezing rain here in eastern Ontario. It will surely cause havoc on the roads as people travel to be with loved ones over the holidays.

      I take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2023!

  • A unique pet portrait painting sounds like a very creative and wonderful gift-giving idea, Louise! Wishing for you and yours a Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!!!

    • It has been a busy fall and now, I have time to finish some projects for myself.

      Have a Joyous festive season with friends and family. I look forward to more spectacular panoramic views from your neck of the woods in 2023!

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