Two friends painted on Canadian birch wood slices.

Cody and Jake are with their new owners who received their Christmas presents early this year. Their daughter who commissioned them, reports that her parents were very happy with both portraits. The wood slices were presented in a small bag attached to Cody’s collar when he visited his “grandpa” for Christmas celebrations.

Cody, the sleeping Santa, is a 14 year old Shetland Sheepdog, and Jake an 8 1/2 year old Shih Tzu/Maltese mix, became best buddies eight years ago when Jake was brought home.

Cody and Jake -custom pet portrait on wood slice by Louise's ARTiculations, Ottawa pet portrait artist.

Cody’s story:

Cody came home at eight weeks of age intended as a Christmas present for his owner's son; however, he has remained "her" dog.

Cody -custom pet portrait on wood slice by Louise's ARTiculations, Ottawa pet portrait artist.As a puppy, Cody quickly demonstrated his breed's intelligence, and had everyone trained to obey his every command. You see, Cody has made it his job to keep his family in line. Whether his human family is at home, or at the cottage, all are constantly under his watchful eye.


In his youth, he would constantly bring sticks or balls to his favourite people for play and could be seen at a local dog park running after his frisbee.


With age comes change. Now deaf and moving slowly, Cody has adapted and continues to be a devoted dog.

Jake’s story:

Rescued from a neglectful home at five months of age, Jake had to be taught how to be a dog.

Jake -custom pet portrait on wood slice by Louise's ARTiculations, Ottawa pet portrait artist.Jake had been kept in a crate 24 x 7, and he had no idea what being outdoors was all about.  In addition, he had never been walked, and was a grubby, matted, ear infected mess.

It was love at first sight for his owner.

Eight years later, Jake is a very loving dog who provides daily entertainment with his mischievous nature and exuberance for life.

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  • Beautiful pet portraits, Louise and such touching stories! 💗
    My husband needs to find a home for his mother’s Sheltie who is older. Any suggestions? His mom has dementia and can no longer properly care for the dog.

    • So sorry to hear that Jill. Perhaps by asking around in your community you might find a good home. Or maybe calling different vets in your area…they might be able to give you suggestions. And also the Humane Society could certainly advise. It is difficult for me to suggest anything as I don’t live in your area. Sheltie breeders might also be good places to seek recommendations. There might be other younger seniors who would appreciate a trained, calm dog. Hugs to both of you…Keep me posted!

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