Alissa Kari Arts: captures flowers with her paintbrush.

Tulip Field by Alissa Kari Arts, guest artist at Louise's ARTiculations
Tulip Field by Alissa Kari Arts.


I have always loved interacting with nature and craft projects of all kinds related to the natural world. As a child I tried to draw and paint landscape scenes and floral bouquets I found in books and magazines.

As I grew older and got my first digital camera, I started taking macro photos of flowers. I was amazed at the detail I found when studying them closely, and decided I eventually wanted to try and capture flowers with a paintbrush.

Academic studies kept me busy though, so during high school and into college I wasn't painting much at all.

It wasn't until I had an elective drawing class while pursuing a business degree that I was truly intrigued by artistic possibilities.

Along with florals and landscapes, for the first time I tried drawing and painting structures, characters, and portraits. That class helped me improve my drawing skills greatly in a relatively short period of time. I realized that dedicated practice of something that I loved as much as art could be very beneficial.

​Alissa Kari Arts improves with practice

In mid 2016, after years of working in various customer service and sales roles that I didn't enjoy, I was able to devote much more time to developing as an artist as I quit my full time corporate job to move to another state with my military husband.

This period of practice consisted of painting as much as I could to gain insight as to how I could improve.  For example, I learned more about colors/textures/ and how to compose images through trial and error. I studied other artists and their palettes and techniques, and worked freely on subjects that called to me without added pressure or deadlines. This period was crucial in bringing me to where I am today artistically.

Zinnia Bouquet by Alissa Kari Arts, guest artist at Louise's ARTiculations
Zinnia Bouquet.


Finally, in July 2018, I made the decision to pursue painting full time and start a small business. I set goals and created work to share with the world.

And now I am so thankful that I am able to share this with you. I still feel like I have a lot to learn, and every day I'm striving to do more.

You can shop my art at my website, You can also follow along with my process and see what I’m working on next on my instagram: @alissakari.

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I am grateful for all the talented, productive artists and creatives from all over the world (photographer, author...) who have appeared on Louise's ARTiculations. If you are a creative and would like to be featured in this space, please contact me.

Many of them remain in my circle of friends on social media sites, and some, I have even met in person.

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  • Wow Alissa, these paintings are beautiful. You certainly have a great deal of talent. Congratulations on taking the brave step and paint full time. ????

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