Catching a leaf...or two, or more

Catching a leaf mid air is quite easy to do on these blustery fall days.

The vivid colours of October are almost gone, and we are soon into the long dark days of November.

(First published November 2017)

My wish for you...

“Catch a leaf in mid air, make a wish, kiss it and toss it into the wind.” ~ author unknown.


Catching Leaves Mid-Air
"Catching a Leaf Mid-Air" (pan pastel and Faber Castell pastel pencils)

I love autumn for so many reasons, but mostly because it is a quiet time between seasonal chores.

In a few weeks, the Christmas countdown will begin.

You surely have had glimpses of tinsel and toys announcing the festive season in the malls already.

Catching leaves and other joys of the fall season

But as October comes to an end, there is time to relax and enjoy the cooler weather without yet having to wear the dreaded snow boots and heavier, bulkier coats or think too much about Christmas chores.

There is more time to catch leaves mid air and make wishes although I usually bring those leaves home and paint them. Last year, I painted on the actual leaves, for example, in the post, Want to doodle? No need to buy colouring books!

Or another time, I painted leaves on cards and then offered them as gifts. There is still time to find those leaves and use them as models for painting.

Fall LeavesFall is the best season of all. Who doesn't enjoy the idea of cocooning near a warm fire with a hot cup of cocoa or a glass of wine?

Out come the thick socks, the warm bulky sweaters and shawls. Winter coats and hats are washed and ready for the appearance of the first snowflakes.

If you are going to catch leaves mid air and make wishes, or paint them, you shouldn’t wait too long. Warm fall days are on the way out...and winter is on its way in the northern hemisphere.

Cheers everyone wherever you are!

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  • Like you I love Autumn, having travelled to the US and Canada with the express reason being to see the amazing tracts of forest in their wonderful Autumn colours, unfortunately we were a bit early, Like the time we travelled to a town about 4 hours away to see their colours and we were a bit late. This year we stayed home and found the trees in our streets gave us exactly what we had travelled for. Now we are in Spring and all of those trees have had the best flowering for a few years which have brought back the bees!

    • It felt more like winter today as we had a dusting of snow and some freezing rain. Spring in Australia sounds lovely, even with the bees. Thanks for leaving a comment Sally!

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