Two cats on easels are displayed in bookcase.

Cats on easels, Kiwi and Papaya (with Clarence and Gary – to be published later) were gifted by the client when she met her adult children after Christmas.

While I don’t have much information about these cats, I do know they were adopted separately, a few years apart, from the local Humane Society in Ottawa, Ontario.

They are both painted on 3” Canadian birch wood slices. Kiwi was previously painted on a 5 x 7" gallery wrapped canvas.

Spend some time on my website!

There is much to see on my website. As an artist, I started painting with watercolours in a sketchbook.  I transitioned to acrylics and portraits of people. You will see I dabble in all types of mediums including ink and pastels. Then I discovered that i loved painting pets and I have mainly focused all my energy on fur babies.

For more pet portraits, please visit my Custom Pet Portraits page on my website. You will also find testimonials, price list, and many other pet portraits painted over the years including memorial portraits of sweet loved ones who have crossed the rainbow bridge.

Your pet can be painted on glass, wood, paper, plastic, and in many different styles. I enjoy experimenting and offering many possibilities to paint your precious fur babies as keepsakes for years to come.

Contact me with any questions or comments.  I would love to hear from you!

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    • Thanks Vivienne. He and Papaya are living la vida loca! Looking forward to seeing more of your sketches from your travels…no plans yet on our part to go anywhere. Best of everything for 2023.

  • Happy New Year dear Louise!!!! I love to see your cat faces. They are wonderful done. You captured the fur and also the facial expression in a perfect kind. Thank you for this pleasure!!!

    • All the best to you and your husband in 2023! Thank you for stopping by and letting me know you like my cats. Wishing you many enjoyable creative projects in this new year.

  • I think that your creativity is inspiring, enjoy your wonderful web site, appreciate your versatility & love your pet portraits! Best wishes for an amazing year, my dear friend Louise 🙂

    • Thanks Phil for the words of encouragement. May you also find more jaw dropping settings for your photography and inspiration for your poetry. All the best, Louise

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