Cheddar and Azara: one-of-a-kind gifts.


Cats in suits. Commissioned custom pet portraits by Louise's ARTiculationsCheddar loves to have his photo taken. He seems to know which poses might even be worthy of being photographed.

Previously, I published Azara, another pet portrait commission. Both cats live with the same owner who wanted to have her pets printed on cushion covers as a surprise for her partner for Valentine’s Day.

A one-of-a-kind gift

The client found me in a local Facebook group before Christmas. She wanted the portraits to be completed by the end of January in order to surprise her partner with a pair of unique cushions for their contemporary entertainment room.

I started the work in mid-January and the client had the portraits by the agreed upon due date.

Since the client was intending on printing the portraits, we agreed that they should be painted on watercolour paper. She requested that I paint them in matching suits.

Getting to know the client’s tastes

Custom pet portrait by Louise's ARTiculations
Custom pet portrait of Cheddar, ready to be printed on a cushion cover, painted by Louise Primeau

After consultation, I had a really good idea of the client’s tastes.

She sent me several excellent photos of the room to show the colours (grey, teal, with splashes of burnt orange) as well as photos of the décor such as existing cushions, wall unit, sofa, and artwork.

In addition, she was adamant that she didn’t want any flowers or pinks and yellows.

Once I had the cats sketched on paper and roughed in the some of the fur, I began to swatch various colours for the background and we agreed on the colours, saving the strongest ones for the suits and ties.

Throughout the process, the client was consulted and there were no surprises when the portraits were finally picked up at the end of January.

I enjoyed working with this client who was very specific about her expectations. She sent me many photos from different angles including clear, close up shots as well as photos that showed the cats’ personalities.

Cheddar photograph taken by Louise's ARTiculations' client
Cheddar living the good life. I love this photo taken by the client.
Two different personalities

It is obvious that Azara is the shy one while Cheddar is much more playful and extroverted, if one can say that about a pet.

Cheddar is such a comical cat.

Each morning, he watches his owner make coffee. His “crazy personality” is shown in these photos, only a select few I received from the client.

photo of Cheddar supplied by client of Louise's ARTiculations
Cheddar watches as coffee is made each morning (photo taken by client).


photo supplied by client of Cheddar for Louise's ARTiculations
Is this the pose you wanted? (photo taken by client).


Custom pet portrait by Louise's ARTiculations
Custom pet portrait of Cheddar, painted by Louise Primeau for Ottawa client.


Commission a custom pet portrait

Please contact me for any special requests or questions.  Otherwise, visit my Custom pet portrait page for information about the process and any questions regarding pricing of portraits on canvas.

I also paint on wood.  Here is an example of a dog painted on reclaimed cedar and another more recent portrait painted on wood.

Don't forget that pet portraits on wood slices are excellent surprises any time of the year.

Artfully yours!



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