Your Cherished Pets Deserve a Hall of Fame.

Today, I start a new tradition: a Cherished Pets Hall of Fame with photos sent by my clients of their pets and portraits.

Each year I am busier with orders for pet portraits, many on wood slice ornaments. The requests sometimes arrive as early as August.

For this post, I asked clients to photograph their pets, but I also look back to earlier commissions and include photos of those pets as well.

In this first Cherished Pets Hall of Fame, you will find much loved cats and dogs from Canada and the USA (California): Tunga, Lupin, Bebop, Buddy, Emma, Starbuck, Ziggy, Stella, Hudson, and Coco.

Thank you to all who found the time to send me photographs for this post.

Add your painted pet to the Cherished Pet Hall of Fame.

If you would like to add your pet to my Hall of Fame, send me a clear photo of your pet with the wood slice portrait or the portrait on paper or canvas.  (Please do not use a collage app, I need the actual pet next to the art work ?  ).

In 2021, I will publish pets next to their portraits on paper or canvas. Occasionally, I will update the Hall of Fame. Contact me with your photos here.


Missing from the roster is my own Maltese, Sophie, because I gave away the wood slice last year to our friend, someone who loves our little Sophie, and takes good care of her when we travel.

But I will remedy that soon enough.

Meanwhile, here are a few photos of her just because!  At 13.5 years old, she deserves a bit of spotlight.

Vote for the reference photo I should paint…

Help me choose which photo I should paint on a wood slice. Contact me or leave a reply below.



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