Christmas wishes for you, wherever you are!

Christmas wishes for you.
Coco and Sophie feeling the love!

As we near Christmas, I think of friends who have walked with me on life's road.

The best friends are always present in good times and in bad. They are anchors when life is a choppy sea. There are years that are "choppier" than others!

Some friends I have never met in person, but because of shared interests, we have come to know each other through emails and messages and when possible, even a phone call.

This year, I met Sally, from Australia, and Lynda from Canada, in person. They have been online friends for years. In both cases, we quite naturally picked up a conversation as though we had seen and talked to each other recently. That is the beauty of online friendships.

The virtual world allows the meeting of the minds with people who often live half a world away. In April this year, I wrote about connecting and nurturing friendships through social media.

Art is a connecting link that certainly allows for conversation to flow easily between strangers!

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To all my friends near and far, I wish you a magical, joyous Christmas.

Howard Riminton photo
Photo by Howard Riminton.


Header photo of candle by Mariana B.

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