Cody, the Sheltie, might be getting older, but he still enjoys his daily treats of raw carrots.

Cody’s owner has told me that he has been unwell recently.  As most of us who are dog owners know, we accept that our pets share our lives for a very short time.  Many skilled writers have expressed this idea much more skilfully than I can.

“When I am old and grey my step might be slower…BUT…My love will be the same.   My heart and soul are grateful for all that you have done and do…”  ~ Bridget of Linked Souls.

Cody, the Sheltie and life at the cottage

“Anticipation.” (SOLD) – a whimsical mixed media portrait of Cody, the Sheltie, as he anticipates leaving for the cottage and chasing his favourite chipmunk.   (11×14 birch panel with 1 inch painted sides).  Background is Gelli printed tissue paper collaged on board.

Cody is getting on in age and his owners wanted to have his portrait painted sooner than later.

The owner says that I have captured Cody’s look of expectation when he knows he is going with his much loved “Grandpa” to the cottage. They have many fond memories of Cody at the cottage when he was in better health.

What’s not to love about the cottage even for a dog?

photograph of  rocky shore at the cottage

At the lake, Cody jumps joyfully, and blows off all pent up energy he has kept in reserve at home in the city.  For a moment, he forgets his age-related aches and pains and is a puppy once more.

All the new smells of the forest invite him to explore areas where wild animals have left their calling cards just for him, or so he thinks.

When he is bored with the surrounding woods, he can run to the lake.

Cody enjoys walking along the shore where gentle waters lap against the polished, glistening stones.  How glorious it is to splash around and cool off with a few quick licks close to the rocks!

When he tires (as all old dogs at the cottage do), he can bask in the warmth of the sun on the large deck facing the gentle breezes from the lake.

relaxation by the lake - photograph

Most of all though, Cody loves patrolling the property and checking for “chippie” (chipmunk) hideouts.  This activity provides him and his owners hours of entertainment.

Cody chases the chipmunk who skitters away and then hides in the drainspout where Cody will shove his big snout and wait for Chippie to tire of the hide and seek game.  Chippie is wise and waits for Cody to retreat before ever showing himself again.

What would happen if Chippie would decide to come out of hiding with Cody’s snout blocking the way?  No one knows because it has never happened. Cody loses interest and calls it quits eventually.

Ahhh, yes, there is much to appreciate at the cottage for a dog.  (and for humans too).

the view from the deck - photograph
lilies at the fence - cottage life photography

For other pet portraits, please visit my portfolio on my website and find details on the Custom Pet Portrait page.  If you have any questions, contact me.  I will be more than happy to answer all your queries.

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  • You captured Cody’s personality and joie de vivre perfectly in this portrait I commissioned from you. His portrait is hung in my home where all my family and visitors can enjoy it for many years to come. Thank you so much for your attention to detail and the artistic talent that went into this!

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