Beautiful Maui is our home for two weeks!

Come along with me to this beautiful island paradise.

What a party that would be!  All my friends and followers from around the world together in one location. Maybe some day this will be possible through tele-transportation.

Meanwhile, follow me on Facebook and see some of my own photos. Vancouver and Seattle will be our first stops before flying to Maui, a week later.

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Lush greenery on Maui photo by mlinderer at Pixabay
Lush greenery on Maui. Photo by mlinderer at Pixabay.


Why Maui rather than another Hawaiian island

We chose Maui for its quiet beauty, its relaxed atmosphere, and ever-changing scenery, as well as its long stretch of pristine beaches. The island is small enough that we can move around from one place to another and come back to our condo at the end of each day.

Exploring the island by car will allow me opportunities for sketching and taking photos.

So yes, I am bringing watercolours and sketchbooks and IpadPro (new) and Apple Pencil. I am learning to use the pencil.

The compilation of sites to see and do is likely to change as we discover more about the island when we arrive. Still, it is a starting point.

The road to Hana, Maui:

I will overcome my fear of heights and travel along the Hana Highway that circles the entire island (or most of it) so that I can take in the breathtaking vistas that are promised in the write-ups about this road.

Road to Hana by Anton Repponen at Pixabay
Gulp! Road to Hana by Anton Repponen at Pixabay. Could this be the road on the backside (or bottom) part of the island as described in the quote below?


The quoted description makes me want to gag as I plan these activities from home…but this looks like a must see trip while on the island. Nothing that popping a few anti-nausea pills before heading out won't cure.

“Traveling the Hana Highway along Maui's north shore 52 miles from Paia to Hana town is a legendary journey with over 600 hairpin turns and 59 bridges—most of which are one-lane. This unforgettable trip is immensely popular due to countless hidden treasures found along the way such as breathtaking ocean views, waterfalls that cast rainbows into the sky and charming towns that will make you love this paradise even more. But the real excitement begins beyond Hana town as the road continues around the remote backside of Haleakala. The full loop around Maui's great volcano winds its way to Kipahulu, Kaupo and eventually to Kula.”


Coastline road on Maui by Laurent Schmidt at Pixabay
Coastline road on Maui by Laurent Schmidt at Pixabay. Ahhhh, my jangled nerves instantly relax when I look at this photo...

According to the website, there are “spectacular cliffs, bamboo jungles, waterfalls, tropical scenery and colorful fragrant flowers” along this road.

Wukulu area - another side trip

Of course there are other roads besides the road to Hana leading to lush valleys. The Valley Road 340, near Wuluku on the top east side of the island looks very promising too.

Shauna Altman photo on unplash
Valley Road, Wuluku, Maui (east side of the island). Photo credit to Shauna Altman on unsplash.


Photo by Chris Hawaii on Pixabay
Waterfalls - photo by Chris Hawaii on Pixabay


Haleakalā National Park.

Haleakala means “House of the Sun”.

Haleakalu sunrise by Rachelle Fraser on Pixabay
Haleakalu sunrise by Rachelle Fraser on Pixabay.

We are invited to watch the sun rise above the clouds or set from the top of the volcano at Haleakalā.

A three-day pass to this very unique park costs a reasonable $10.00 US. But even if you don't want to wake up at some ungodly hour to get into the car and drive to the top of a volcano in the dark, there is still lots to see during daylight hours.

First, Haleakalā contains five different climate zones, unique flora and fauna, and that dormant volcano, Haleakalā, (please remain dormant for while longer!) which is also the highest peak on the island at 10,023 feet above sea level.

Higher than Mt. Everest

Given that most of this volcano is hidden below the ocean’s surface, it is no surprise that the sum total height makes it is even taller than Mount Everest.

This park has many species of flora and fauna that can only be found in Hawaii.  Indeed, some are unique to Maui.

 “In fact, the native plants and animals are so unique in Hawaii that over 90 percent of them are endemic, meaning they are found only in Hawaii. From the iconic Nēnē to the beautiful silversword plant, Haleakalā is home to a diverse and irreplaceable collection of native species.”

The Nēnē, a relative of our Canada Goose

Most interesting, the park has its own type of goose: the Nēnē.

Believe it or not, the Nēnē is a descendant of the Canada Goose. Scientists believe that when the Big Island was being formed around 500,000 years ago, a gaggle of Canadian Geese landed and stayed rather than returning to Canada. Can you blame them?

As there were no predators on the islands before humans arrived, the Nēnē were safe and adapted to their new environment.

Many birds and ducks went extinct over time and the Nene were on their way to extinction as well until the 1950s, when the last 30 birds were captured and placed in a breeding program.

Hoapili Trail to Hanomanioa Lighthouse and Kamanamana Beach

Part of the Ahihi Kinau Natural Area Reserve, this trail is 8.9 miles of ancient cultural sites, several secluded beaches although some are difficult to reach, beautiful ocean views, in a mars-like environment.

According to reviews, the terrain is uneven and "ankle twisting". The Hoapili Trail for now is on the "might do" list.

Snorkeling in Ahihi Kinau Natural Area Reserve's Ahihi Bay

There are so many areas listed for snorkeling right off the beach. According to articles I have read, one doesn't have to go far from shore to see all kinds of fish. The Wailea Beach area where we are staying has many excellent snorkeling spots.

Waiala Cove, also referred to as Ahihi Cove is one place to see loads of fish and turtles. The beach is sandy so it is easy to enter the water.

There are many protected coves where snorkeling is said to be great including Honolua Bay, Maluaka Beach along the Wailea Beach, walking distance from our condo, Black Rock Beach, a short drive away.

Land and sea fresh food

Finally, one can't go to Hawaii without sampling all the fresh, local food from land and sea.

Hawaiian food is eclectic and American and Asian food are fused in many restaurant menus. As an example of local fare, click on this link:

Just looking at the lunch menu makes my mouth water!

Hula dancers on Maui by SusuMa
Hula dancers on Maui by SusuMa at Pixabay.

Hula dancing

We can't leave Hawaii without seeing hula dancers.

As in many cultures, the history and culture of Hawaii are all part of hula dancing.  Stories are told in the chants, the swaying of the hips, the hand movements. After having seen the flamenco dancers in Sevilla, Spain, and the belly dancers in Morocco, we must add this activity to our stay in Maui.

If you have been to Maui, do leave any suggestions for must-see, must-do activities in the box below.  Your comments go directly to my email box.


surfboards on Maui
Surfboards on Maui, photo by Abigail Lynn.



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