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Bobby Venedam lives in Sudbury, in northern Ontario. I met Bobby a few years ago in an online class we were both following. Bobby and I have similar interests in art; we love trying different techniques and mediums. Greatly influenced by her natural surroundings, Bobby shares a few of her fabulous creations with you. As Bobby lives only an hour away from my hometown, Sturgeon Falls, I hope that we will meet one day in the future.

Childhood in a creative family

My life of creativity started when my grandmother taught me as a child to sew, crochet and knit. We would make doll clothes from scraps of fabric and left over wool. She always had so much patience with me and I loved spending time with her. She fostered my creative side and gave me the space to trust in myself.

I remember walking down country roads in Kearney Ontario, with my grandfather who was a logger, learning about and naming trees. He taught me how to press the fall leaves we collected between wax paper with an iron.

Trees and geometry by Bobby Venedam


To this day, I continue this love of nature and creativity by sharing it with my grandchildren.

My grandfather also wrote poetry, which I found out later when I started to write my own poems.

My mother loved to work with paper tole, ceramics and when she learned tole painting, this was my first introduction to the world of decorative painting.

I've been hooked on the paintbrush ever since.


Inspiration, Mediums, EvolutionElegance by Bobby Venedam


I'm a bit eclectic in my art as I find inspiration and beauty in all things... nature, colour and even the night sky.

Wing and prayer by Bobby Venedam



I love to create art that tells a story so I will usually start with an abstract background using different mediums such as acrylic, collage and charcoal. Sometimes these stories are already written in my mind...most times though, they appear on the canvas as I paint what I see in the shapes and colours. My stories might show up to be scenery, symbols or a face, or a combination of all of them.

My evolution as an artist stems from a curiosity and thirst for knowledge and over the last several years, I have been following this intuitive flow of interest which included taking online classes in mandalas, portraiture and abstract art.

Future Plans

I am excited about the future and the direction my art is taking me.

I am currently taking the "Art of Allowing" a facilitators' course with Flora Aube and I have plans for teaching intuitive/creative based classes exploring the Feminine through art.

Everyday is a new adventure and I love asking..."What else is possible now?"

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Tree Sister by Bobby Venedam





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