Ozzy’s portrait is wrapped and ready to go.


I started Ozzy’s portrait at the end of October and he is now sitting in a box on the counter, ready to be shipped to his owner. On average, a portrait takes about three weeks or so from beginning to end. I usually have several projects on the go at any given time.

Ozzy’s mom contacted me on Instagram after I published photos of my Rosie, a Biewer puppy who came to us in August this year. She suspected that Ozzy was Rosie’s littermate and after back-and-forth messages, her suspicions were confirmed.  Not long after this discovery she requested I paint Ozzy.

Ozzy went through the usual transformations

The ugly stage: vague shapes and colours.

As I go along, I take many photos of dogs and cats I paint.  Some are sent to the client while others are for the sake of comparison as shown below.

Even though my aim is to achieve a likeness to the photo, I do allow myself a bit of artistic or creative freedom.  After all, if the client wanted a portrait that was an exact copy of the photo, why not simply frame the photo, right?

Initially, Ozzy’s mom wanted a background to match the colours in the home. As I progressed through the stages of the portrait, I knew that Golden’s Copper Light Fine would be perfect instead of the initial choice as it would pick up some of the colours in Ozzy’s fur.  The client agreed.

Finally, once I was satisfied and the client had approved, I gave two coats of Liquitex satin varnish and Ozzy was ready for his trip to southern Ontario.

Pet Portrait Waiting list for 2022.

PLEASE NOTE: I have received many Christmas requests for pet portraits. I have a waiting list for 2022.  I would be pleased to add your name to my waiting list. Pet portraits are ideal gifts for any occasion.  I am sorry but I cannot at this time, commit to any more portraits in the next four weeks leading up to Christmas.

If you would like to add your name to my list, please contact me. I paint portraits on a first come first served basis. A portrait takes anywhere from three weeks to 1.5 months from start to finish.  At the moment (Nov. 22, I have openings beginning around mid February).

Visit my website to see my portfolio of pet portraits, whether they are on canvas or on wood slice.  You will also find my price list and client testimonials on the website. I am always pleased to answer any questions you might have.

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