Do you ever think of me? 

When you are far away, do I come to mind?  Does distance really make the heart grow fonder?

“I exist in two places, here and where you are.” Margaret Atwood, Canadian novelist and poet.

Mixed media portrait

“Do you ever think of me?” Mixed Media in Strathmore Mixed Media Visual Journal.

As I started painting in my sketchbook, this young woman appeared on paper.

I like to imagine what the people I paint are trying to say, or what their eyes might be seeing that I cannot see.

The movement in her hair suggests that she has just turned around very quickly…has someone called her name?

Maybe she imagines a voice she longs to hear. Her heart skips a beat and her face is flushed. Her eyes shine in anticipation as she searches for that long lost love. In the next few seconds, will she feel disappointment and regret?

Will she discover someone who has been on her mind for a some time? What a lovely surprise that would be. And when they sit at their favourite table at the local café, will they have the words to say what hadn’t been said in the past?

Has he thought of her all these years?

Has she existed in two places…here and in someone else’s mind, or heart?

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