Easter Lily by Louise Primeau
Easter Lily.


The Easter Lily was painted with acrylics on 9 x 12 watercolour paper. I didn't like the background so I imported the image into Procreate and played with the tools. The new background hides the parts I don't like.

Wishing you peace, happiness, and sunshine.

Happy Easter!


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  • Very pretty Louise and I do like what you created with the background. Hope you had a lovely Easter as we did, albeit rather busy. First time in awhile that we have the house to ourselves, well that is until our neighbours pop over for afternoon tea and some post Easter snacks!

    • It sounds much like the Easter we had. I am thinking that I will use procreate to “finish” art work that I want to put aside rather than keeping it in my to do pile hoping to fix whatever is bothering me. Life is too short and I have too many projects I want to paint. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Very nice Easter Lily, Louise. Peace, happiness, and sunshine sounds wonderful! Thank you ~ wishing a Happy Easter to you and yours ????????

    • Hi Roslind,

      I used to have lilies in our other home where we had a huge yard with several flower beds. The only kind of lilies I can have now are the painted ones. Thank you for stopping by! Happy Easter.

  • Good morning dear Louise, congratulations to your beautiful Easter Lily. The background looks very interesting. It looks like lace….. Happy Easter!!!!

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