maple tree keys in watercolour in Moleskine journal

It’s Throwback Thursday once again. A short walk in the neighbourhood can provide lots of inspiration for art as this post from 2016 reminds us.

On a blustery day like today, I am reminded that fall is just around the corner.

Gone is the oppressive heat of the last few weeks. It is pleasant once again to be active outdoors.

I love this time of the year leading into the early weeks of fall. There is much more material that I can easily gather as I am walking in the neighbourhood.

This morning, I found two attached keys, which I am guessing from a quick search, are those from a maple tree.

First, I painted them with watercolours in my Moleskine sketchbook.

watercolour sketch and then imported into several apps

Since I didn't like my handwriting, I imported the painting into Procreate. I erased the writing and fixed some of the shading.

And then I spent the next hour, importing the results into more apps and playing around with the painting. Repix, for example, allows me to add raindrops to the keys. Brushtrokes gives me additional effects and frames to finish the keys more artistically.

Even when I am not entirely satisfied with the results in my sketchbook, I am able to save the piece by using different apps.

watercolour sketch after importing into two apps

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