Flowers for February or any time.

February on Instagram is the month of #28februaryflowers or #28februaryflowers2021.



This year, for the first time, I am offering a limited number of florals I painted on glass ornaments.

In addition, I am offering flowers in acrylics on paper at a reduced price for my newsletter subscribers.  Subscribers have a first opportunity to buy February Florals during the entire month.

The newsletter will be directly mailed to your email inboxes in a few hours.


Difference between blog post and newsletter.



"Constant Friends" acrylic on paper, available with matte. Ready to frame.
"Constant Friends" offered for sale in February. Subscribers will have first option to buy at 25% off.


The newsletter is not published anywhere else contrary to the blog post which appears on my website every week.  If you are on Facebook or Instagram you will often find content that links back to my website. The newsletter is a more personal way of communicating with a special group of friends and followers.

Roses on glass ornament by Louise Primeau
Example of rose ornament - 2020. This one is not available.


Peachy Keen by Louise Primeau 2021
Peachy Keen, acrylic on glass with Swarovski crystals for added bling. Available February 2021.

So the newsletter is really for a very particular group of people: those friends and followers who have indicated that they want to receive my newsletter via email. Newsletters are now delivered on average once every second month.

As such, my subscribers will enjoy a 25% discount on acrylic flowers painted on paper this month. "Constant Friends" is one example of a February Floral.

There is still time to subscribe.

If you would enjoy having an insider’s look at some of my work and first option to buy, as well as participating in giveaways, then you might want to become a subscriber. Just click on this hyperlink to go to the newsletter subscription page on my website.

However, if you are already a subscriber, then I sincerely thank you. Watch for February's newsletter in a few hours coming directly to your inbox.

I hope to see you there!

Artfully yours,



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