Funky florals to celebrate February 14.

Why Funky Florals in February?

Why not I say? Isn't colour exactly what is needed when winter won't give way to spring for a few months more?

If you don't have failures quoteNo better fun than to just let loose and see what happens once the paint begins to flow on paper.

For wild and funky florals to happen, judgement has to be suspended, the inner voice stifled, and the child that once was, is allowed to come out and play.

No pretentious bouquets here…just masses of colour, swirls, splatters, scratches, and anything else that crosses my paintbrush’s path. In other words, lots of what ifs and why nots and what have I got to lose!

See Twist and Turn for an earlier floral work available for purchase.

Eight funky florals below and more on the way. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


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