Chewy, the Golden Doodle, is painted on an ornament.


Snowy Day in eastern Ontario, Canada.
December 16 in eastern Ontario.

On a day when we are snowed in (for now), I am listening to the morning report on the radio and hearing all the traffic issues out there – and I am content to stay indoors and spend some time painting.

Chewy is painted on a larger ornament.

Chewy is painted on a 5 inch ornament which is 2 inches larger than my usual wood slice ornaments. I found it much easier to paint on this larger surface but there is something old-fashioned about the wood slices that appeals to people.

Benefits of commission painting.

For the past several years, I have painted exclusively on commission. All portraits once completed, are handed over to the clients. This is an advantage since I don’t accumulate a lot of unsold art in my home. In addition, commissioned artists need only buy canvases or wood slices or even paint on an as needed basis.  Of course, like most artists, I have a good supply of all kinds of paints, brushes, and mediums.

However, I have reached a point where it’s time to get out in public with my art. In the coming year, I am attempting to set up samples of my work. Chewy will be part of a collection that I use as demonstration for people who would like to see my work on actual ornaments or on canvas.

Do you paint on commission?  I know many artists have reservations about accepting commissions. What other benefits do you derive from commission painting? If you do not paint from commission, then I would love to hear how you organize your time and your art studio so that you aren't swamped with unsold work.  Or perhaps you are fortunate that all your work sells tell us your secrets.  Leave a message in my email inbox here.  All messages are vetted before publication.


If Chewy looks a bit familiar, it's because I have painted him not long ago.

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    • Thank you Birgit! Your presence enriches my creative life. Your beautiful sketches of Germany and of your travels abroad are always delightful! All the best as we close this year and begin a new one.❤️?‍?

  • Louise It is wonderful that you discovered painting dogs was your thing and that you are enjoying doing commissioned pieces. It took me quite a while to figure out the type of artist I wished to be but after doing an art course with Kate Morgan called ” The Artistocrats ” that I knew I wanted to be a figurative collage artist. I have sold a some of my pieces and have done one commissioned piece. I have many paintings in my apartment piling up but I continue painting more because it brings me joy.

    • Dianne, I have seen your art on Facebook and it is at times, ethereal, at times, mystical, always beautiful with lots of symbolism and thought-provoking inserts with your collaged pieces. I have begun painting flowers and still life “on the side”, that is, not generally posting that work yet. I enjoy painting pets but I am not sure I want to be boxed into a particular category so I am determined to learn to paint expressive florals and then see where that will bring me. In other words, I too might have paintings “piling up” around here.?

    • Sally, I am always experimenting. I had several sets of ornaments from last year and saw the flat surface and decided I should try painting on a larger surface. It worked and Chewy is temporarily hanging in our Christmas tree. It would be cool to have a tree with all pet ornaments similar to Chewy. I am now working on a cat, but with Christmas only a week away, I will not have time to follow through with much more than that. Thanks for leaving a comment❤️.

    • Chewy thinks he is my favourite dog when in fact, Rosie is the one closest to my heart. Have a wonderful Christmas surrounded by family and friends and all the best in 2023 my American friend!

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