Gratitude Journal entry 4

Gratitude Journal Entry –  prompt for Valentine’s Day.

It’s February and Valentine’s Day isn’t far away. In 2016, when I participated in the Gratitude Journal project, I had fun with this simple illustration.

Visit  Jennifer Frith’s year-long gratitude project to see her beautiful entries.  Maybe you will be inspired to start your own gratitude journal?

Prompt for Gratitude Journal :

Sketch or illustrate your thankfulness for a safe place to protect you from the elements.

View last month’s republished journal entry here.

pink roses by Louise's ARTiculations
Pink Roses

And so, four years later, I continue my creative journey.

My latest learning curve involves abstract flowers. While I work on my pet portraits, I experiment and paint various blossoms and bouquets. When I am less than happy with the results, which is often, sadly, I can always edit out the parts I don’t like. The painted roses above were softened in different apps including Procreate.

I painted my roses on 140lb Canson Watercolour paper, but I could have painted them in my favourite Strathmore Mixed Media Visual Journal.

I have been in a flower frenzy lately and I will share the good, and the not so good with you on Valentine’s Day.

“Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation.” ~ Lao Tzu.

Artfully yours,


Photo below by sharon mccutcheon at unsplash. (so grateful for all the awesome photographers who allow me to use their lovely photos, free of charge!)

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    • Thank you so much Bhawna. I feel that I am always learning something new and that is part of the enjoyment of art, isn’t it? Very kind of you to stop by and leave a comment! Cheers..?

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