Not a Dog Zoom Face.

Lucy on Zoom


By now, you have probably seen or heard of the lawyer who accidentally used a cat filter during a Zoom virtual court meeting, and had to clarify that he “was not a cat”.

It took some effort on his part to remove the filter.

I sympathize. When things go awry with technology, it is so easy to get flustered.

While anything can go wrong with technology at any time, according to Murphy's Law, it often will at the most inconvenient moment.

Certainly, the past year has given rise to myriads of Zoom meetings, and many unintended mishaps.

Zoom Meeting Bloopers

Just search on YouTube…"Zoom Video Calls Gone Wrong" or "2020’s Most Embarrassing Zoom Moments" to name a few you might watch.

For example, one woman didn’t realize that everyone in Zoom was watching when she sat on a toilet.

Or how about the couple airing their dirty laundry on Zoom perhaps thinking they had muted their conversation…

Lucy, a face you see on Zoom.

Not to be outdone by a cat, I offer Lucy, a face you might see on Zoom.

Yesterday afternoon I worked in my Stilman & Birn Epsilon sketchbook testing a new package of DeSerres acrylic markers. The colours are vibrant and they don't bleed through the page.

The Epsilon sketchbook is used to practise caricatures of animals, mostly dogs. Another Epsilon sketchbook is uniquely for experimenting with flowers.

As I worked on the sketch, I had a kernel of a story in development until I saw the news last night. If you missed the story, check it out here.

Lucy was first painted in August 2017, “Nose First”.


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