So many options to consider in this simple wreath!

First published in 2016, this post reminds me that I should paint a few colourful leaves when the rain stops (will it ever stop?) and the sun appears again.

watercolour autumn wreath

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” ~Albert Camus.

On a very blustery fall day, I am still working on watercolour leaves. There is so much to learn from painting a collection of leaves. Some leaves fell early and are in the crispy, brown stage. Others suffered some kind of disease or were chewed up by bugs. It’s always fun though to find that one perfect leaf. Yesterday, while on our daily walk, I collected a selection of different sizes and colours of leaves.

I quickly realized that I have forgotten any techniques I learned last year. But that is ok –  I enjoy experimenting and discovering surprises watercolour has in store for me.

watercolour wreath with leaves

I am thinking of all options for these leaves and for the wreath itself. Of course, I could add colour all around the wreath, splatter it, or I could ink in lines and swirls. I could collage certain sections of each leaf. I could use Prismacolor pencils to emphasize and brighten the  fall colours.

Or I could paint directly on the leaves using inexpensive acrylic paints. Leaves are ideal for doodles or for painting different scenes or for cutting up into lacy patterns. There are many options to consider.

Today though, I keep KISS in mind. Sometimes, simple is best.

There in the photo is Chico, my Havanese, and Sophie, my Maltese, watching me very closely. And there too is the messy kitchen table where I often work. When I sit to work once again, my puppies nonchalantly return to their pillows next to me for another long snooze in the sun.

art is messy

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