Meet darling Kia, a Lhasa Apso whose sweet face melts your heart.

reference photo of Kia
Reference photo of Kia. Used with the client's permission.

In several poses, Kia sits pretty, and obviously enjoys all the attention her family lavishes on her.

She reminds me of other white puppies I have painted lately, particularly, Tommy, the Shih-Tzu.

Kia's story in her owner's words.

(First published in August 2020).

Kia is a very proud Lhasa Apso who came to us from a local Nepean breeder when she was 3 months old. She has brought joy to our home for the last 13 years.

She has a very warm personality but is usually affectionate on her terms.  Kia is a quiet dog and enjoys spending her days laying in the sun. She is always on guard in her backyard and will sit for hours at the base of a tree waiting to chase any squirrel that dares to cross. A funny moment occurred last winter when a squirrel lost its footing and fell, landing right on Kia’s head.  They were both so startled that they paused for a moment before the chase began.

Although Kia is strong minded and stubborn, she is always happy to see you and will greet you with her tail wagging even is she saw you only a few minutes earlier.


Lhasa Apso origins.

Long ago Lhasa Apso, were guardians of Himalayan monasteries and palaces.

Their elegant appearance and serene personality make them favourites of Dalai Lamas in Tibet. Just look at those beautiful dark eyes, the long coat, the tail that curls over the dog's back like a feather, and it isn't difficult to understand why they are so cherished by Dalai Lamas over the centuries.

With a thousand-year old history, Lhasas are known in Tibet as earthly representatives of the mythical Snow Lion; they are very special dogs indeed.

In 1937, the breed was recognised by the American Kennel Club.


 Painting Kia and keeping the client’s wishes in mind.

creating teal
Colour mixing to create the teal requested by the client for the background.

Kia’s owners contacted me to paint their dog on a 9 x 12 canvas.

Each client has different requests and the whole process begins with understanding the client's wishes.

In Kia's case, the client had another painting and Kia's portrait would have to have a teal background as the paintings would be placed close to each other. Kia’s dog collar appears in the painted portrait even though the reference photos did not show a collar. This was another request.

Furthermore, I was asked to clean up Kia’s hair as she hadn’t had a grooming in a while at the time the photo was taken because of Covid 19.

As usual, I was often in contact with the client by email.

Finally, when the portrait was ready for pick up, I was so happy to meet Kia and her wonderful family.

The client's review of Kia, custom pet portrait.

Louise did an absolutely beautiful job with the portrait of our 13 year-old Lhasa Apso. She captured the details and personality perfectly!  

Louise was in touch with us throughout the entire process and shared pictures of her progress.

We are thrilled with the final portrait. The quality and detail of Louise's work is amazing and we recommend her to anyone looking to capture their beloved pet on canvas.

Thank you again for the beautiful painting. It puts a smile on my face and adds colour and personality to our wall!

A donation will be sent to Audeamus, a registered charitable organization that trains dogs to help veterans, first responders, and war correspondents who suffer from mental or physical disabilities. I started this practice when I painted Nala, a most devoted companion to a Canadian war vet.

Waiting list for fall.

Add your name to my waiting list for your very own custom pet portrait. My portfolio of delightful pets I have painted in the past is available for viewing. I invite you to visit my Custom Pet Portrait page and my price list.



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