Red Barn by Len Shane
Red Barn

Len Shane: evolving with art.


Mom tried teaching me piano when I was 12 and when that didn’t pan out, she sent me to take lessons from an artist friend. Sure enough, that connected for me.

Many years later, I find myself as a retired teacher looking back at how that first experience brought art in its many forms into my life.

I suspect that for many of us whatever our passions lead us to, we would never have imagined ourselves engaged in such ventures.

As a teacher and parent, I didn’t find much time to paint until shortly before retiring. For the last 20 years, I’ve been deeply involved in painting.

However, upon reflection, I realise that art never left me.

Encouraging creativity as a teacher.

While I taught elementary school, I always encouraged many artistic and creative writing projects with my pupils.

Creativity was important in the school newspaper I published. I strongly believed in displaying their work in my classroom. Moreover, I honoured their work on whatever hallway boards weren’t being used.

When I retired, a pal said, “Len you should make cards of your art.”

That suggestion was another important moment for me; it propelled me into letting my creative juices express themselves.

Len Shane continues his journey of discovery.

Today I love what I have discovered about myself through painting; in fact, I believe it has allowed me to open up other sides of my personality.  I like to be outgoing and put a lot of energy and emotion in what I do, something that has really come through on my canvases especially during Covid; this is a time when we are being told to shut down, but remarkably I find myself opening up.

Years ago, I joined Toastmasters and discovered a few traits about myself: while I am a teacher, by nature I am generally a quiet person. However, in front of an audience, a more outgoing, alive, dynamic side of me kicks in, much as I now find when I pick up the paint brush!

I love exploring different styles and subjects which is truly in keeping with the freedom retirement allows me!

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