Marina from St. Petersburg, Russia, follows in her father's footsteps

I'm sure my drawing passion came from my father who was a professional artist. A graphic artist graduate from Repin’s Art Academy in St. Petersburg, he preferred classical art techniques.

Sadly, he died very young from cancer when I was 12. I always remember him and his art. He worked with oil and watercolor. And many years after his death, I have taken his very own supplies including his paints and brushes (my mom kept all of them) and started to try drawing and painting along with my youngest daughter.

While my daughter and I prefer modern, contemporary art, we have always been proud of my father and his works. He never forced us to try drawing. He thought my oldest brother and I could choose whatever we wanted to do in life. Now, as an adult, I think it’s a pity he didn’t guide us towards art.

Marina finds art in her community

When I decided to enroll my daughter in art lessons at a local art school, I found out that there were adult courses that looked really interesting. In Russia’s big cities, there are many opportunities for adults to continue learning. Moreover, there are always online lessons from favourite artists as an added possibility to learn to paint.

From early on, my daughter liked to draw but now she is interested in design more than painting. She is studying computer programs for interior designers. Her interest in painting is waning for now but will perhaps return one day.


An economist by profession, I admit that I never really liked my job. My husband allowed me to give it up. Since 2015 I have had much free time for both my family and my art. It’s very important for me that my family supports me in this endeavour.

Future plans for this artist from Russia

I don't belong to any artist organizations in St. Petersburg, but I plan on joining the Pastel society in Moscow, a recently formed organization and the very first in Russia, with only 150 members. We have many different artist societies, but for pastel artists, this is the first one for us.

I like both techniques pastel and watercolor, and cannot say which I prefer more.

I have not sold my paintings, preferring to give them to friends as presents. Because art supplies are expensive in Russia, I would like to try to sell my paintings.  My art materials are even more expensive because I use imported art supplies. I never use Russian art supplies.

My favourite artists include watercolour artists Ilya Ibryaev, Konstantin Sterchov, Elena Bazanova, while I am influenced by pastel artists such as Elena Tatkina, Irina Klimova, and many others. I also get my ideas from exhibitions, from nature and from photos, many of which I find on Pinterest.

If you would like to see more of my work, or if you are interested in seeing new art that I will post in future, please follow me on Instagram - marinasmchnkv

Having a hobby like painting is very relaxing. I can see the beauty in simple things like the flowers I take so much joy in painting. Truly, there is inspiration everywhere if we only stop to look for it.

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