Ringo, the star Boxer, is posing for all his fans.

Ringo is enjoying all the attention he is receiving with his red bow tie and expressive eyes. Painted in acrylics on watercolour paper, Ringo was a project for Stephanie Gerace’s lesson at Paint Your Heart and Soul, 2020.

Ringo, the Boxer.

I worked from a copyright free reference photo below.reference photo by Charlotte Yealey

Photo by Charlotte Yealey at Pixabay (artbycharlotte).

Keeping my goals in mind...

matted portraitLike many artists, I set myself a few goals for this year and one of them was to try new techniques for my pet portraits.

In this lesson, I learned that starting with a black background speeds up the painting process. It works in Ringo’s case as he already has quite a bit of dark fur in him.

Once I was finished, I set him in a matte and protective envelope. I use the same mattes for my flowers as well as my pastel portraits.

I loved this process so much that I started two new portraits.

This Corgi is not quite finished yet. Already, I feel I was a bit too heavy-handed with paint, especially in the ears where I covered up all the collage.

painted Corgi

I will post the finished Corgi very soon. I need a name for her...any suggestions?

One commissioned opening left for Mother's Day.

To see other pet portraits, visit my Custom Pet Portraits page. I have also posted testimonials from clients who have commissioned me to paint their precious furry companions.

Even though we are in isolation, I continue to paint and I have at the present time, one opening for Mother's Day.

All contact is done via email. You send me photos of your pet and once we have agreed on size and colours, and style, I stay in touch with you as I go through the process of painting your pet. The portrait is then mailed to you. Or if you live in the area, you may pick it up from my front porch.

What projects are keeping you busy while you are confined to your homes?  I would love to hear from you.  Leave a message in the box below or contact me via email.

Whether you live in Canada, or in Great Britain, the USA, Russia, Greece, Italy, ...I often wonder how my friends around the world are coping through this crisis.  Do stay in touch!

Stay safe everyone!

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