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Feature Article - Passion for Painting
Photo by Jason Reasbeck

Hi, I am Louise and I am thrilled that you stopped by!

Based in Rockland, in the Ottawa region, Canada, I am a retired high school teacher/dog mother/pet portrait artist, who shares my art room with my little Maltese sweetheart, Sophie. Hubby is usually not too far away supporting me with encouraging comments as he brings me fuel (coffee) right to my desk.

When I first retired from teaching high school students, I knew I wanted to paint and write, but I didn’t know what to paint because I wanted to paint everything! I experimented A LOT. And it turned out that all that experimentation was a good thing; it became the foundation for my first love, pet portraits.

It all started inadvertently. First, I painted my own pets on canvas. At the time, I had two dogs, Chico and Sophie.

Next, I offered gifts of pet portraits on wood slices to family and friends at Christmas one year. It didn’t take long to gain momentum with quite a few commissioned wood slices and of course, as they say, the rest is history!


I am excited whenever I am asked to paint a breed I have never painted before. The photos I receive by email of your cherished pets put a smile on my face.

A pet portrait for a dog or cat lover is a unique memento that will last a lifetime. It is an honour to be chosen to celebrate the joy that your pet brings to your life.

Over time, I have made many friends both of the two-legged and four-legged variety. I would love to get to know you too. There are many ways to do this: join my mailing list, or contact me, or follow me on Facebook, or Instagram or Pinterest.

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