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Feature Article - Passion for Painting
Photo by Jason Reasbeck

Hi, I am Louise and I am thrilled that you stopped by! Having seen my home page, you know first of all that I love colour, and art feeds that need of mine to brighten up the world with great big globs of luscious paint. Painting has become my obsession in the last few years. Food has burned on the stove while I swirled colours on my palette. Appointments are forgotten, and time has no meaning, when I am experimenting with colour.

My blog is about the splashes of colour that I get to play with each day, the new discoveries the paintings evoke, and about a creative journey that makes me feel energized and happy. Recently I have added furry friends to my portfolio. My own two dogs enrich my life each day even if they are sleeping quite contentedly on a pillow under my feet while I type my next post. Life certainly has become a kaleidoscope of brilliant colours in the last few years.

If we met in person, I would tell you:

I have travelled to many countries including Italy, Greece, Germany, The Netherlands, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Morocco, and some countries in the Caribbean.  Several of these countries I have visited more than once.

Pozzo di Codroipo is a small town located in the Province of Udine bordering Austria and Slovenia where the Italian side of my family still resides. I hope to return for a fourth visit some day.

I have a fear of flying and of heights. Uh huh! I know…hard to believe given all the trips I have taken around the world. I tell people that I stay awake on planes just in case the pilot might need my help.

I am an introvert who enjoys the company of one or two friends at a time. As a teacher, I fought to conquer my shy ways and to have confidence in myself in different public speaking situations. I certainly understood my students' nervousness and their fear of oral presentations.

I have been married to the same man for what surely must count as a record-breaking number of years. He has encouraged me in my love of painting and always finds positive things to say about my art.

My children are adults and they have children. Yes, I am truly blessed to have all these supportive people around me.

My two white fur balls, Sophie and Chico, are my children now.

Meet the Artist - photograph of a guilty puppy Meet the Artist - photo of a comfy Havanese

Why I blog:

At first, blogging was a way to keep me motivated to paint on a regular basis. However, along the way, I received unexpected gifts.

Blogging has introduced me to a whole new community of truly wonderful friends who live all around this big world of ours and some, who live only blocks away from my home!

I am inspired by the generosity and encouragement that is found in the online community. So I want to thank you, dear reader, for making my journey as an artist worthwhile by stopping by and reading this page.

Where to go from here:

Of course, I would like to get to know you too. Your comments make me jump for joy! You can email me here.

You can also hang out with me here:  Pinterest  |  Instagram  |  Facebook | Bloglovin

I love reading the notes you leave for me, and although I might not always be able to reply to each and every one of them, I do read them all!

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