Custom painting of Cocker Spaniel: a lasting memorial to a sweet pet.

This adorable Cocker Spaniel is painted on a Canadian birch slice (sourced from a Timmins, Ontario supplier), measuring approximately 3” in diameter. The wood has been kiln-dried. Finally, the portrait is finished with a high gloss professional varnish which brightens and preserves the colours.

Cocker Spaniel on wood slice by Louise Primeau.
Cocker Spaniel on wood slice.


I hope this painting will bring a bit of healing energy to the client’s aunt who recently lost her sweet fur baby.

Testimonial after receiving the Cocker Spaniel painting:

"Brought tears to my eyes... you nailed it!!! Thanks so much. She's going to love it!  I can't wait to give it to her."

How to display a wood slice any time of the year.

There are many possible ways to display wood slice portraits of your favourite four-legged companions. Here are just a few starting with simple to more complex:

  1. Hang the wood slice around the mouth of your pet’s favourite cookie jar.
  2. Add the wood slice to a wall display of family photos. After all, your pet is part of the family!
  3. Buy a small easel (available at a dollar store or on amazon) and display the slice on your mantel or a bookcase or on your desk.
  4. Add the wood slice to a memorial tribute to your pet that you create in a special area of your home. Hang the slice around the urn where you have kept your pet’s ashes.
  5. If you are gifting the wood slice, prepare a basket of goodies for the pet such as treats, toys, …Wrap the basket with clear plastic (available at Dollar Store). As a final and special touch, include the wood slice under the bow.
  6. Or simply attach the wood slice to the neck of a bottle of wine as a gift for someone who has lost a beloved pet.
  7. If you are a bit crafty and would like something really special, cut some branches, and let them dry. Paint them in wonderful bright colours, then affix them into florist’s foam inserted into a decorative jar. Hang the wood slice on a branch. Add other meaningful decorative elements – they don’t all have to be pet related.
Reference photos of Cocker Spaniel
Reference photos of Cocker Spaniel.


Whichever way you decide to display or to gift the wood slice portrait, it is certain to be a special, one-of-a-kind gift that will long be appreciated.

For more information about having your pet painted by me, visit my Custom Pet Portrait page, my Testimonials, and finally, my price list.


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