Miles and Bobby: custom portraits on wood slices.

Miles and Bobby are painted on a 3" diameter (approx) Canadian Birch wood slice.  The owner wants to display the ornaments all year long in her home.

I chose a lime green background because the owner told me that both dogs enjoyed going to a city park with her. I especially like Miles the Whippet's look of pure joy as he runs off leash!

Dogs live about 12 years, and that's why they discovered this brilliant philosophy: because time is limited, there is no time to be unhappy. Mehmet Murat Ildan.

Custom pet portraits are great gifts any time of the year. Visit the Custom Pet Portraits page on my website for more information.

Wood slice ornaments any time of the year...

These wood slices are great ornaments for the Christmas tree or as gifts for other special occasions. They are $35.00CAD shipping included to North American destinations via regular post. Click on blue hyperlink to send me a personal email: Contact. 

I will be adding other wood shapes for custom pet portraits in the new year. You may also have suggestions for your own pets. Please do send me an email via the contact link in the previous paragraph for inquiries and suggestions. See other wood slice portraits:  Finn and Reuben.

Please note: At this time, (December 1) I am accepting orders that will be filled AFTER the Christmas holiday period. Thank you.

Bobby - custom pet portrait on wood slice by Louise's ARTiculations, Ottawa pet portrait artist.
Bobby the Boston Terrier


Bobby the Boston Terrier has a sad look on his little face, but that is just the way he was made. However, inside his little puppy heart, he is quite content.

And why not? He is well-loved and cared for by his little family. Besides, each day, he gets to run and play in the off-leash park with his long-legged brother. Bobby does his best to keep up and Miles, recognizing that Bobby needs more time for his short legs to catch up, will run back to Bobby as if to say, "Hurry up! Can't you go any faster?"


Miles -custom pet portrait on wood slice by Louise's ARTiculations, Ottawa pet portrait artist.
Miles the Whippet


Miles looks ecstatic as his owner unclips him from the leash.  He has the whole park to himself and he sees ducks and swans by the river.  This is going to be a great day!

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