A painted memorial portrait of Sophie, our Maltese, for keeps.

Sophie has the look I remember so well in this recently painted memorial portrait.  She was always known for her “bug eyes” especially when we first brought her home because her previous owner had shaved the hair all around her eyes. Poor girl. The hair grew back but the eyes always remained slightly too large for her small face.

I have painted Sophie several times over the years but as often happens here, I either gave the portraits away to friends who loved her or painted over the portraits.

Now that Sophie is no longer with us, I was compelled to revisit some of the photos and at least paint a portrait for our home.

Here she is in all her bug-eyed glory.

Maltese portrait in contemporary style by Louise Primeau.
Contemporary style portrait of Maltese, Sophie.

Acrylic on gallery wrapped 1.5 inch sides. 9 x 12 canvas.

Below left, Sophie and Doobie, both in contemporary style. Doobie was painted with added texture on a 5 x 5 canvas. Finally, I added a portrait of Sophie painted earlier this year as a gift for a friend.

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