Pet portrait, Azara the cat, by Louise's ARTiculations in Ottawa, Canada.
Azara is one cool cat!

Azara: Commissioned cat portrait.   Azara’s owner found me in a local Facebook group before Christmas. She had a very special request: to paint her two cats so that they could be printed on pillows before Valentine’s Day. (This post … Read More

Cheerful flowers by Louise's ARTiculations
Sketchbook Flowers are an Antidote…

Sketchbook flowers are an antidote for blahs. A well-filled sketchbook can be the perfect antidote for the blahs especially when you paint bright, bold flowers. When life throws a wrench into our best plans and forces us to pivot one … Read More

A relaxed dog is an easy one to sketch

Sophie, a very relaxed dog…as long as I am close by! “We live our lives as if nothing is a miracle. Dogs live their lives as if everything is a miracle.” ( This post was first published in July 2015 … Read More

On the Ball by Lynn Payne, guest artist at Louise's ARTiculations
Featured Artist: Lynn Payne from West Virginia.

Lynn Payne – creating all my life. My parents encouraged my artistic pursuits – they were art collectors and both studied painting. My father had a degree in architecture and could always point out if my perspective was off or … Read More

Rejected - monochromatic sketch
Expressive monochromatic sketches in blue

Expressive monochromatic sketches yield quick results. Sketches that are expressive and monochromatic…those were key words that attracted my attention in a recent email sent to me from Ivy Newport. Newport, an Oregon artist, posted a free tutorial on her website to … Read More

Tito and Luna, pet portraits by Louise Primeau
Tito and Luna, Two Mastiff Portraits…

Two mastiff portraits. Tito Tito (on the left) enjoys strolling in the park at night. Don’t expect him to be too attentive to your needs though as he is easily distracted by all the lovely scents wafting about in the … Read More

Dog Zoom Face by Louise's ARTiculations
I Am Not a Dog Zoom Face…

Not a Dog Zoom Face.   By now, you have probably seen or heard of the lawyer who accidentally used a cat filter during a Zoom virtual court meeting, and had to clarify that he “was not a cat”. It … Read More

The faces you see on Zoom by Louise's ARTiculations
Patty on Zoom has a question…

Annoying Patty, on Zoom, has more than one question! Meet Patty, the Zoom Face that you wish did not show up for meetings.   She is the one who never prepares for meetings ahead of time. Even though the boss … Read More

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