George's portrait by Louise Primeau
George, a Frenchie Rescue.

George, a puppy mill rescue, is one lucky boy! George, a young Frenchie, is now living a much improved life with his family. Unfortunately, that was not always the case. The client said that when she first saw George, he … Read More

Hollyhock Heaven by Louise Primeau, Ontario artist.
Country Garden Flowers.

Flowers from an old country garden. As often happens when I paint, long forgotten memories resurface. Moments, feelings, colours, smells, and sometimes, snippets of songs come to mind. While painting the country garden below, I remembered a song my mother … Read More

Rejected - monochromatic sketch
Expressive monochromatic sketches in blue.

Expressive monochromatic sketches yield quick results. Sketches that are expressive and monochromatic…those were key words that attracted my attention in a recent email sent to me from Ivy Newport. Newport, an Oregon artist, posted a free tutorial on her website to … Read More

An Odd Couple by Ottawa pet portrait artist Louise Primeau.
Are They Really an Odd Couple?

Odd couples exist everywhere… It might be surprising that a cat and a bird could be friends since birds are prey for cats. Remember Tweety Bird and Sylvester from The Bugs Bunny Hour? (American animated series). Granny was always protecting … Read More

Axl, Wheaten Terrier portrait by Louise Primeau, pet portrait artist
Axl – a Wheaten Terrier Portrait.

Axl is a most colourful Wheaten Terrier!   A Wheaten Terrier is intelligent, playful, energetic, and faithful and Axl’s portrait reflects these qualities. With his keen eyes staring at the viewer, he is demonstrating that he is very smart and … Read More

Etched roses by Louise's ARTiculations
Funky February Florals.

Funky florals add colour to dull February. Why Funky Florals in February? Why not I say? (one of my most pinned posts on Pinterest) Isn’t colour exactly what is needed when winter won’t give way to spring for a few … Read More

Dance of the Hummingbirds - going beyond my comfort zone
Going Beyond my Comfort Zone.

The familiar comfort zone is left behind “Art is a space in which freedom tests its wings.” – Marty Rubin. (First published in November, 2017 and revised in 2024). After 9 years of painting on a regular basis, I can … Read More

Sombrero girl
Vacations and getaways are the stuff of memories.

Vacations and getaways are perfect for sketching during downtimes. Gratitude Journal entry for week 30: Draw, quote, or illustrate your appreciation for vacations and getaways (on Instagram see other entries at #G52Prompt30). This post first published in 2016, was revisited … Read More

Sweet Dreams Cat by Louise Primeau, pet portrait artist.
Sweet Dreams Sleeping Cat.

Sleeping cat has no worries. Let me first confess that I am, at heart, a dog person. I have had cats when I was younger, but none who were as friendly and social as my dogs. However, several friends have … Read More

Abstract snowy forest by Louise Primeau
Contemporary, Abstract Snowy Forest.

Abstract techniques for snowy forest. Using abstract techniques to paint this snowy forest while not obsessing over details is more difficult than it looks. At least, for me it is. To achieve this style, I paint in broad loose strokes … Read More

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