summer flowers
Summer has arrived (I think)

Originally published in June 2015, this post was one of my first as I started my new adventure blogging about my creative journey.  For this TBT (Throwback Thursday) I added photos of  favourite flowers that are still blooming as we … Read More

Miss Daisy Note Card
Painting Miss Daisy.

Painting Miss Daisy “Everything I know I learned from my cat: When you’re hungry, eat. When you’re tired, nap in a sunbeam. When you go to the vet’s, pee on your owner.” ~ Gary Smith. For National Hug Your Cat … Read More

Rossana Russo, guest artist at Louise's ARTiculations
Featured Artist Rossana Russo from Italy.

Rossana Russo: self-taught artist. My little family includes my husband, my son, and our beloved Bull Terrier Woodoo, and we live in a lovely Italian town on the slopes of the Alps. I define myself as a late self-taught artist, … Read More

Estée Janssen photo
Five ways to show up for art on a regular basis.

Five ways to show up for art (and to be disciplined as an artist). There is a generalization out there about artists that goes something like this: artists are very right-brained, disorganized, and flighty. In the last years, I have … Read More

Summer is in the Carnation Can
Summer is in the Carnation Can.

Summer is in the Can. Summer is in the Carnation Can is a play on an idiomatic expression. When we say that something is “in the can”, we mean that it is completed or it is a done deal. The … Read More

Max and Sully on wood slices by Ottawa artist, Louise Primeau
Max and Sully; two gentle companions.

Max and Sully: gentle companions on wood slices.   Two companions, Max and Sully, are painted on approximately 3” Canadian birch slices sourced from a Northern Ontario supplier. The wood is kiln dried and sanded on one side. FAQ about … Read More

Sketch of nurse by Louise's ARTiculations
Transport Team adapts to new circumstances.

Transport Team member describes his work. During this week, from May 10 – 16,  National Nursing Week in Canada, we celebrate and are thankful for dedicated men and women who have chosen nursing or health care as a profession. Last … Read More

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