Tunga, cherished pet in Hall of Fame
Cherished Pets Hall of Fame.

Your Cherished Pets Deserve a Hall of Fame. Today, I start a new tradition: a Cherished Pets Hall of Fame with photos sent by my clients of their pets and portraits. Each year I am busier with orders for pet … Read More

Boots and Hudson cat portraits on wood slices by Louise's ARTiculations
Boots and Hudson – cat portraits.

Boots and Hudson, cat portraits on wood slices.   Boots, a great first cat for his owner. When the client first contacted me to paint her cats’ portraits, she sent me several photos of her very well-loved cats!  I chose … Read More

Starbuck and his portrait on wood slice.
Hall of Fame: Pets and their Portraits.

Hall of Fame includes pets of course! All our pets deserve to be in a Hall of Fame, don’t you agree? O.k. some are more infamous than they are famous. There are the moochers, the followers, the cuddlers, the meowlers, … Read More

Molly and Remy, two beloved family pets.

Molly and Remy, two wood slice portraits, have arrived at destination! After a long week of travelling through the Canadian and American postal systems, Molly and Remy, two pets painted on Canadian birch slices, have arrived on time for gift … Read More

Guest artist Sherry McDonald.
Featured Artist Sherry McDonald from Maryland.

Sherry McDonald, a survivor’s story. The foundation of my art centers around my desire to work through terrible experiences from my childhood. I am a survivor of extreme child abuse, which comes across in many of my art pieces. I … Read More

gem-studded fruit cake
In praise of the often maligned fruitcake

(This post was previously published on December 4, 2016.) Why do so many people cringe at the sight of fruitcake? Lovingly homemade, a Christmas fruitcake is a work of art. Nonna’s (we called her Nonni) Christmas cake was a lemon … Read More

Day of the Waterlilies, by Soila Tuominen, guest artist at Louise's ARTiculations
Featured Artist Soila Tuominen from Finland.

Soila Tuominen inspired by literature and games. I was raised on a small farm near many close relatives who all shared some interest in arts and handiwork. Thus, the environment was very supportive to any artistic endeavours and my imagination … Read More

pet portrait on glass ornament
Pet Portraits for Christmas…

Pet portraits are perfect any time of the year! As you might know, I had to limit the number of commissions I accepted this year since the art room was closed for a month while we moved, and I unpacked … Read More

war veteran remembers his service
Remembrance Day.

Remembrance Day 2020.   “When our perils are past, shall our gratitude sleep?” – George Canning. (This post was first published in 2016)

Crack the Whip by Canadian artist Joyce Kellock
Why we display art in our home…

Art in our most personal spaces has a purpose. At first glance the answer seems obvious: we want to surround ourselves with beautiful things, right? Initially, the person who created the art work might be a secondary consideration. The colours … Read More

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