Surround yourself with friends who inspire you

Surrounding yourself with friends…   Friends inspire me in different ways but mostly, the make me a better person. My friends are very dear to me.  It is proven that a social network of trustworthy friends is beneficial to a … Read More

A Promise Kept final
A Promise Kept

A Promise Kept A promise kept is all about making a subscriber happy. “Creativity is…adapting the rules to suit the situation.” ~ author unknown. Around this time last year, I ran a blog contest for my subscribers. One of my … Read More

four in a series
A new approach: painting in a series

A new approach to get more done. While most artists can get something finished each day, it takes me up to a week or more sometimes to finish one of the acrylic or mixed media portraits that I have posted … Read More

My Favourite Blogs

Artists, I have found out, are generous to a fault. They enthusiastically share their techniques with others in personal emails, blogs, on YouTube, on Pinterest, and many other social media sites.  The courses I have followed with Jane Lafazio, Jeanne … Read More

stamps In USA for Marilyn Monroe
Stamps, the silent ambassadors of a nation

Stamps, the silent ambassadors of national pride and history “Designs in connection with postage stamps and coinage may be described, I think, as the silent ambassadors on national taste.” ~ William Butler Yeats.

mermaid in watery ballroom
The ocean is her watery ballroom

Another mermaid has been added to my altered travel pamphlet from Capri. The mixed media I used include acrylics, gelatos, watercolour pencils, sponges, and stamps. The glitter is Folk Art’s Extreme Glitter acrylic paint. It is a transparent silver glitter … Read More

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