She suddenly appeared out of the mist

  This lady gave me a very difficult time trying to lure her out of the thick fog and mist. She was very shy and wanted to remain hidden away where no one would notice her. It took quite a … Read More

Water, nature’s greatest gift taken for granted

This week’s prompt for the Gratitude Journal: Sketch or illustrate your appreciation for clean drinking water. In thinking about this prompt, I recalled a poem that I taught my senior students some years ago. The Wheelbarrow, by William Carlos William, … Read More

These shoes of mine have I loved

The prompt for this gratitude journal entry is as follows: Sketch or illustrate your appreciation for having enough money to cover your basic needs, including the shoes on your feet. I don’t need to be convinced to draw shoes as … Read More

red hair
Bewitching red-haired girls are trouble

“Red hair is my life long sorrow.” ~ from Anne of Green Gables, a classic Canadian novel by Lucy Maud Montgomery. Poor Anne and her red hair! Most Canadian teenage girls know Anne Shirley from having read Lucy Maud Montgomery’s … Read More

cherry cupcake final
Zero calorie cupcakes for a cause

  National Cupcake Day I didn’t know that cupcakes were so important that we would want to devote 24 hours to them. If you haven’t heard by now, today is National Cupcake Day. Yes, delicious, wonderful cupcakes are being celebrated … Read More

vintage 7
Overcoming perfectionism in art

“Drawing is a kind of hypnotism.” -Pablo Picasso   Hubby would be the first one to agree that drawing and painting have hypnotizing effects on me. He might ask me something and it sounds like waaaah, waaaaah, waaaah, waaaaah background … Read More

Last Act of Love
The Last Act of Love

The Prompt for this entry: Acts of Love. Sketch or illustrate your appreciation for those who have shown love to you recently. How did they express it? How has it impacted you?

heart made of cherries
Cherries for Valentine’s Day

I hadn’t planned a post for Valentine’s Day, but then I saw a luscious chocolate cake smothered in Chianti cherry sauce on Canada AM yesterday and this idea came to mind.   Cherries are so hard to come by at … Read More

Gratitude Journal Entry 5/52

The Prompt: Sketch or illustrate your appreciation for books! See Instagram #gratitude52journal, and #g52prompt5 for entries.

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