Roxie is a unique gift at Christmas.


What do you do when you are once again invited to a couple’s home at Christmas and you have already, many times over, brought wine, or chocolate, or flowers?

You think outside the proverbial box, and that’s  exactly what this client did! He contacted me in early December asking if I could fit in one more portrait into my schedule. Such a unique gift is always appreciated by pet owners. (First published in December 2022)

Pet portraits are as much fun to give as they are to receive.

You can well imagine the surprise when, as a guest, you bring a small, original work of art as a token of appreciation.

Contact me if you see anything you like on my website or if you would like me to create something special for yourself or for someone else.

Some items might still be available while other, painted on commission are sold.

Add your name to my wait list for 2024. I have a feeling it will be a busy year!


The details of this small pet portrait on canvas.

Chocolate Lab Roxie is painted on a small 5 x 5 canvas, to offer when the client goes to his friends' home for Christmas dinner.

The canvas can be displayed on a small easel (included) during the year, but she can also hang on a branch of the family’s Christmas tree.

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    • Thanks Vivienne. Most of my clients are local so I get to witness their expression when they first see the portrait. I have had clients who have cried, some who have told me about the memories the painting evokes…always pleasant conversations which I enjoy. I have met the nicest people through my art! Merry Christmas from across the pond.

  • Exactly what I gave mine this year. As well as the monetary gift I have given serious thought as to what our grandchildren are interested in and to add to their present have chosen books to correspond, fashion, dressmaking, environment, travel and cooking. I’ve also made Cheats Panforte which is always handy for a standby gift at short notice.

    • I have not heard of Cheats Panforte. You will have to let me know what that is. It gets harder to buy gifts as family gets older but a trip south in the middle of winter is always appreciated. Everyone is looking forward to it and have been talking about it for months. Merry Christmas to both of you and much love.

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