Pet portraits are perfect any time of the year!

As you might know, I had to limit the number of commissions I accepted this year since the art room was closed for a month while we moved, and I unpacked all my art supplies, a rather daunting task.

Why? Well, quite simply, I haven’t moved in 28 years. Also, as an artist who paints on wood, leather, glass, etc, I have kept all types of supplies, “just in case”. Boxes of ribbons, wood pieces, skates, material, paper, bells, sketchbooks and old vintage books, not to forget acrylics and other painting supplies, brushes, mediums...all had to be kept "just in case".

So imagine something like 25 boxes for the art room alone and a few more “miscellaneous” boxes with even more art stuff!

Added to the mix, my son sold his home within days of listing it, and had not yet bought his own he and his family moved in with us until their own home was available two months later. Moving went extremely well in spite of my fears because of this pandemic and everyone is happily settled in, finally.

Pet portraits as surprise gifts.

Shady, pet portrait of a Schnoodle, by Louise's ARTiculations.
Shady, the Schnoodle.

During that time of upheaval, I really missed being away from my pet portraits and other art.

It will be no surprise to you then that I have started painting again although I cannot show you the recent work as they are Christmas surprises. Clients ask that these special one-of-a-kind gifts not be published until after Christmas.

One client ordered two portraits in late May, one as a Christmas gift and one of her own pet, Shady, the dog. I love it when people contact me well ahead of the seasonal rush.

At that time, I didn’t even know I would be moving!

Finding a new home and selling our own home happened within a little over a month during July and August.

Naturally, I was determined to finish both portraits before we moved. Check that box please! The client was very happy and has the cat portrait framed and ready for gift giving. Someone will have a wonderful surprise on Christmas Day!

Painting pets to hone my skills

Although I almost always have some commission or other waiting in the wings, there are gaps here and there during the year, mostly in late spring. Those empty spots on the calendar are the best times for experimenting with new techniques.

New to my portfolio this year, and available for commissioned work, are portraits painted on paper. I know that some of you might like to frame your portraits and so I have added this possibility to my list of available art work.

This year, I painted a German Shepherd, a Corgi, and a Boxer just for fun.

Pet portraits on glass ornaments

And then there is this guy that I painted on a little glass ornament. I wanted to see how acrylics would react on glass (quite well, actually).

pet portrait on glass ornament
pet portrait on glass ornament


Kia with her custom pet portrait

Pets waiting to be painted…too cute!

I would love to hear from you especially if you have had a portrait painted by me.

Send me a photo of your wood slice on your Christmas tree, or of the portrait next to your pet if that is possible. Don't forget to let me know what shenanigans your little friend has been up to since we last emailed each other!

If you would like to have your pet painted to display in your own home or as a gift for someone, send me a quick email with a few details of the portrait you wish to have painted (your pet's name, time frame, size of portrait...). I will add your name to my waiting list for 2021.

Visit my portfolio and read the testimonials. My website has all the information you might need, but do contact me if you have any questions.

A few of the special fur friends waiting to be painted in 2021.

All client photos are published with permission. Thank you! Un très grand merci!


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