Past and present poinsettias celebrate the festive season.

wood slice poinsettia in tree
Wood slice poinsettia in tree.

Pretty poinsettias painted in past and in the present year are much more carefree than the real plants.

You might remember that I wrote about my frustration with orchids that have a similar distaste for my particular style of care. Both orchids and poinsettias bloom beautifully for several weeks within purchase and invariably wither and die after that.

Now, you probably will tell me that you can keep poinsettias alive from one year to the next.

To this I say great! You have a green thumb or some magic potion, but I, unfortunately, don’t.

Painted poinsettias in three different styles and mediums.

They require no water, no precise dormant period, no south facing window, just a quick perusal on your part.

If you feel in the spirit of giving up your secret ingredients or techniques to keep these plants alive from one year to the next, please leave me a message below! Perhaps you, my readers might be more motivated than I am in saving these potted plants until next Christmas.

Wood slice ornaments available.

Would you like to own poinsettias that can be stashed away in a box from one year to the next? You know, the kind that can be forgotten for a long time and still look pretty?

The individually hand painted Canadian birch slice ornaments (middle photo) are available. They are approximately 3" in diameter, and have been varnished to a glossy finish. The ornaments are CAD $20.00 each or 2 for CAD $35.00. Shipping is included within Canada and USA. For questions or enquiries, or to reserve them for yourself, please contact me!



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