Yesteryear’s Remembrance – Évocation d’antan.

Yesteryear’s remembrance is a simple floral on a 5 x 5 gallery wrapped canvas.

Impressionistic floral by Louise Primeau
Remembrance of Yesteryear (Évocation d'antan) is an impressionistic floral painted on a 5 x 5 canvas.

Orange Ranunculus contrasts with the blue hydrangea on this small study. I love painting hydrangeas and this huge canvas of hydrangeas in my dining room is still a favourite.

I am enjoying dabbling in colours and shapes and seeing what can be achieved.  Along the way, I make interesting discoveries that can even be applied elsewhere, such as in my pet portraits.

I have been working on florals over many months – all of them abstract, impressionistic much like my pet portraits, as I am not a photorealistic painter. My sketchbooks are places where I experiment quite a bit so I am including a few photos below, from my Epsilon sketchbook devoted to floral spreads.

Most of all, I love painting florals on canvas, but I have gathered a limited collection of florals on glass ornaments, as well as about a dozen pear studies on paper, and other whimsical paintings that will soon be available on my website for purchase.

Stay tuned!

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