Rose profusion and the world smelled sweet.


It was June, and the world smelled of roses. The sunshine was like powdered gold over the grassy hillside. ~ Maud Hart Lovelace, Betsy-Tacy and Tib.

Rose Profusion by Louise Primeau

Rose Profusion, acrylic on 5 x 5 gallery wrapped canvas. (not available)

A profusion of roses suggests a story...

Old-fashioned roses bloom en masse along a sagging porch. Neighbourhood families have come and gone many times since these roses were planted long ago.

Sadly, no one remembers who lived in the old house before it was abandoned. However, the roses remind passersby that someone loved this house and its sweet roses.

Was it a young mother who watched her children play while she sat in a comfy chair in the shade of the porch?

Perhaps a young couple had dreams for this home, white picket fence and all...what happened to them?

For now, the roses grow wild, untamed by any hands, young  or old. Their sweet perfume wafts over the entire neighbourhood, a fragrant ode to times gone by...

And now the technical details...

Rose Profusion is a OOAK (one-of-a-kind) acrylic painting to which texture paste has been applied for interest.

Rose Profusion is finished with a glossy varnish to enhance the colours. (photograph was taken before varnishing).

Flowers can evoke all kinds of memories...

What flowers bring to mind special memories for you?


4 Responses

  • For me it is the Peace Rose and Dahlias, both growing prolifically in our mother’s garden. Funny that it is usually the female in our families who provoke the memories of flowers, generally it is the veggie patch for our men

    • You are quite right Sally. Hubby does likes Black Eyed Susans and other varieties of the same type but has never given me a reason.

  • Beautiful painting, Louise. Marigolds hold special memories for me. Mum used to plant them in the garden of my childhood home, and their strong scent always evokes memories from that time.

    • Thank you Christine. So many flowers such as the marigolds for you, can bring to mind all types of memories. Dahlias definitely remind me of my nonna (nonni we called her). She had them growing all along her front porch (as in my story) and in the summer, she would sit outside and watch people walk. They would often stop and comment on her flowers. She loved that.

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