Reference photo.
Reference photo used with owner's permission.

Roxy, the Cockapoo, loves her little family.

Roxy loves visitors, but she especially loves her owners’ granddaughter Isabelle. This sweet Cockapoo will cry with joy when she sees Isabelle approaching the house.

Isabelle also is very fond of her little friend and she will gladly share her bedtime snacks with Roxy.

In this portrait, Roxy is without a doubt, staring into Isabelle’s eyes with much affection and devotion. (First published in 2020. I was recently reminded of this portrait by Roxy's owner who is a friend and follower on Facebook/Meta)

Cockapoos are not a new breed…

Cockapoos have existed since the early 1950s and are a mix between two purebred dogs, that is, the Poodle and Cocker Spaniel.

Because they are such cute dogs, Cockapoos are popular among celebrities such as Ashley Judd and Lady Gaga. They might call their teddy bear-like dogs by other names such as Spoodle, or Cock-a-doodle, or Cocker Poodle but they are all the same mix of two initial breeds.

Cockapoo portrait.

Roxy is completed in acrylics on 9 x 12 watercolour paper that has been varnished to protect the acrylic and is ready to be framed. Read about the advantages of having a pet painted on paper here.

Portrait of Roxy the Cockapoo by Louise's ARTiculations.
Roxy, the Cockapoo, acrylic on 9 x 12 watercolour paper.


If you look closely at Roxy's left eye, you will see the photographer's reflection. Her eyes were easy to paint, but her muzzle gave me no end of grief! Each portrait presents its own set of unique challenges.

I offer pet portraits on watercolour paper for clients who wish to frame the portrait for display. I invite you to visit my website to view my portfolio, to read testimonials, and for a price list.

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