Schapendoes - a commission painting 

The Schapendoe or Dutch Sheep Dog is a good pet but is certainly not well-known compared to many other breeds.

I have been a dog owner (two white fur balls are my companions at the present) for the last 25 years, and would like to think that I am familiar with most breeds, or at least, have heard of them. I was stumped when I saw the photo of this little cutie.

Research revealed that Schapendoes are originally from the Netherlands where they were known for herding flocks of sheep. According to the CKC, the breed had disappeared for a period of time before WWII, but with “whatever specimens could be found” (CKC), the Schapendoes breed was revived and eventually recognized in 1971.

These dogs love outdoor exercise which makes sense given their working origins.

Schapendoes (Dutch Sheep Dog) acrylic painting 8 x 8 gallery wrapped canvas

Shapendoes breed, “Phlox”. Golden brand Acrylic paint on 8 x8  gallery wrapped canvas. I have painted the sides and the owner does not need to buy a frame. This is ready to hang.

Schapendo painting view of painted sides - no framing required

Schapendo (Dutch Sheep dog) painting side view

“Phlox” is available on REDBUBBLE.

I love painting pets and have painted dogs and cats from photos sent to me by their owners.  With Phlox, the owner gave me the actual photos, several to choose from, to paint her companion.  But I also paint from digital images.  Tony and Iggy, Two Pampered Cats, were painted from combined digital images.  Lady was also painted from digital images.  Visit my Custom pet portraits page for information on commission work and for a list of prices.

For further information on commission paintings, please contact me.

I accept limited commissions.  These paintings usually take up to three weeks (except at Christmas)  to paint and I consult the owner throughout the process.  

This is a unique gift that will become a conversation piece in the home and will be cherished by the owner.  

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